Can Electrical Muscle Stimulation Actually Work? A Deep Dive into EMS Training

Electronic Muscle Stimulators, often referred to as EMS, are becoming more popular as a machine that helps athletes and fitness enthusiasts to improve their performance and physical fitness. Traditionally used in rehabilitation centres and physical therapy sessions, EMS machines have now found a place in the fitness industry with some gyms including the tool in their training. With EMS workouts often advertised to give great results in a short duration, it is quite intriguing to many, so here is everything you should know about EMS before you use one.

The EMS machines used in fitness centres generally come in the form of a vest or shorts that can be worn by the individual. It targets specific muscles, such as the abs, glutes, and quadriceps. It works by generating small electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions. These contractions are similar to those produced during exercise and can help individuals to gain greater muscle mass, strength, and endurance without engaging in physically demanding activities.

Given that EMS workouts are more effective than regular workouts, a person would typically only need about 15 minutes of training with the machine. But even that short duration can be very intensive and tiring because the electric stimulation acts as a resistance.

In addition to this, EMS has other benefits that contribute to improving fitness levels. It helps the inactive muscles in the body by preventing them from thinning (a condition called muscle atrophy) by stimulating affected muscles that aren’t being used regularly. It also enables the body to increase blood flow to the affected areas, increase endorphins, that help with relieving pain, and release inflammation and tension.

Research conducted by two South Korean universities proved that young women who received high-frequency current therapy lost a significant amount of abdominal fat after a six-week session. Despite such studies that have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of employing an EMS machine during workouts, there is not enough scientific proof that shows the efficacy of EMS in comparison to regular exercises.

Moreover, some individuals are advised not to use EMS depending on certain health statuses such as if they wear a pacemaker or are pregnant.

Besides, individuals have to be extra careful while using the machine because when the machine is placed incorrectly, it can cause muscle strain, sprains, spasms or even injuries. That is why it is crucial to consult a professional trainer before incorporating electronic muscle stimulation into your fitness routine. The trainer can guide on using the EMS machine correctly, and ensure that the electrodes are correctly placed.

If you do not have any medical conditions that limit you from using the machine and you would like to start using one, there are some fitness centres in Hong Kong that provide the service.

EMS Fitness Limited

Certified trainers help you tone your entire body by making you do low-intensity exercises while wearing the machine.

Price: Starting at HK$6200 for 10 sessions
Duration of one session: 20 minutes
Location: 10A, Carfield Building 77, Wyndham Street, Hong Kong​
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Sixpad Station

Here the EMS training is more technology-advanced with this fitness centre also using a digital mirror that ensures that you do each step of the workout more precisely.

Price: Starting at HK$2560 for 4 sessions
Duration of one session: 15 minutes
Location: 327 & 329, 3F, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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Feelness Hong Kong

Feelness offers a range of EMS programmes thus allowing people with different levels of fitness to find something more appropriate for them.

Price: HK$700 for 2 sessions
Duration of one session: 20 minutes
Location: 1/F, 87 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
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