Aquasitions: All about the instant confidence Aquamarine pieces of jewellery bring

Said to have sublime soothing qualities, aquamarine supposedly not only helps ease anxiety but also bolsters self-belief and instils a sense of inner tranquillity. In classic lore, it was also believed to have a special association with the throat chakra, consequently having an impact on how we communicate, particularly with regard to boosting the confidence of those tasked with public speaking. 

More latterly, fine examples of aquamarine – a relatively moderately priced and widely-available gemstone – have become a regular feature of the accessory collections of many leading jewellery brands, including Cartier, Gubelin and Chopard. Its popularity is partly down to the wide variety of blue hues it comes in, a range almost as broad and vivid as the ocean depths its name commemorates. Over the years, the jewel’s cool blues have wooed many admirers such as Elsie de Wolfe, Princess Diana and Meghan Markle.

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(Text: Joseff Musa)

Nautical Charm: High jewellery pieces inspired by the ocean

For centuries, the allure of the deep sea has served as inspiration for many artistic creations – be it the undulating waves of the high seas or the marine life that inhabit the diverse watery depths. Its captivating beauty and awe-inspiring seascapes transport the senses to a world beyond the familiar. Yet its expanse remains an intriguing mystery. It is the vastness and lure of the ocean that allows the artistic mind to roam free – inspiring maisons of haute joaillerie to re-imagine life under the sea and create ocean-inspired motifs that pay homage to the charm of the nautical world.

From Chopard’s red carpet ring to Van Cleef & Arpel’s Seven Seas collection to Gübelin’s Grace of the Sea Anemone cocktail ring, these fine works of jewellery for the fingers, wrist and décolletage are masterfully crafted and set with the rarest and most dazzling of semi-precious gemstones and diamonds to reflect the essence of maritime beauty.

  1. Fawaz Gruosi High Jewellery Collection
  2. Fabio Salini Necklace
  3. Gubelin Grace of the Sea Anemone Cocktail Ring
  4. Chopard Red Carpet Collection
  5. Van Cleef & Arpels Seven Seas Caspiansea Clip Mysterieuses
  6. Van Cleef & Arpels Seven Seas Caspiansea Clip Trois Tortues
  7. Tasaki Eveil Ear Cuff
  8. Annoushka Hidden Reef Cuff
  9. Pomalleto Sabbia Ring
  10. Aurelie Bidermann Necklace
  11. Chanel Bo Precious Float Earrings
  12. Cindy Chao Art Jewel Collection Coral Earrings

Neck’s Best Thing: Stunning décolleté dazzlers for this season’s soirées

There’s no stronger way to make a statement than to adorn your neck with a stunning, sparkling necklace. Whether it’s a thick choker-style design like Bulgari’s Mediterranean Queen necklace, open-worked creations like Van Cleef & Arpels’ Trésor Astral number or dangling dazzlers like Chanel’s Allure Céleste necklace, there are attention-grabbing bejewelled bijouterie for every special occasion.

To ensure your statement necklace does all the talking, opting for the right neckline is key. Strapless, off-the-shoulder or v-neck gowns or tops are a must when it comes to showing off your chosen accessory to perfection. Avoid clashing with strong patterns or detailing. Rather, monochromatic ensembles can pair perfectly with a strong necklace, provided that it is form-fitting and one colour throughout. However you choose to match your stunning piece of jewellery, with these gorgeous creations, all eyes are sure to be on you.

In the photos:

  1. Van Cleef & Arpels Trésor Astral
  2. Graff New Dawn
  3. Buccellati Étoilée
  4. Bulgari Mediterranean Queen
  5. Harry Winston Blue Python
  6. Chanel Allure Céleste
  7. Gübelin Dancing Dunes 

(Text: Tenzing Thondup)


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Sparks will fly with this ring collection by Gübelin


The Sparks of Fire ring collection by Gübelin, inspired by the brilliant colours of fireworks, has been designed to truly nurture the playful art of stacking, mixing and matching sets of rings. In one set, for instance, red gold bands cane topped with a choice of one of three round gemstones – a yellow beryl, a tempting aquamarine or a more outré morganite. Alternatively, another set comes with the options of dazzling tourmaline, ruby and tanzanite. Creative, diverting and allowing for true individual expression, this makes the ideal gift for your more colourful acquaintances.