Pet Stops: Grooming salons for furred creatures accustomed to a lap of luxury

pet grooming

Hong Kongers are no slouches when it comes to dressing up their pets and giving them all the pampering they deserve, so it is not surprising that the city boasts a burgeoning number of bespoke pet-grooming establishments. The handful we profile here stand out because of the professionalism of their staff and the quality of their services. 

Groomers are skilled at creating a stress-free environment for their four-legged clients by handling each animal with love and care. That way, pet parents can rest easy, without having to worry if their fur babies are in good hands – thus ensuring that a visit to the pet beauty salon is a pleasant experience for all.

On top of the expected wash, cut and style, pet grooming establishments also offer well-deserved spa treatments and other makeovers to glam up the coveted furry animals of owners wishing them to be noticed on their next day out together. They will stock a voguish collection of pet accessories and toys as well, so following a rigorous fur-care regime that will add an extra tinge of adorableness to your beloved pet, you can also pick a piece of jewellery to enhance their – and your – stylish appeal. It would certainly be a fashion walk on the way home.

As much as a dynamic wash and scrub followed by a haircut and nail clipping can make an animal more presentable, pet grooming is also essential for maintaining cleanliness at home.

pet grooming

Pet’s Lagoon

This grooming establishment in Mid-Levels is a pets’ favourite – according to owners who have commented that their dogs and cats found the services to be both comfortable and enjoyable.

In turn, pawrents have become regulars at Pet’s Lagoon, revisiting whenever it is time for their children to get a trim. They praise not only the services but the staff who are seen as amicable while also being professional. Each animal receives great care and the benefits of high-quality products. Even pets that have recently undergone surgery are reported to have experienced no discomforting moments during a grooming session here.

Pet’s Lagoon is open seven days a week, from 10 am to 8 pm, except on Mondays when they open at noon. More details are here.

pet grooming


Don’t let the very obvious name that suggests a place exclusively devoted to dogs fool you, because, in addition to providing makeovers for canines, Dogger also caters to cats.

The pet beauty salon in Kennedy Town is in high demand among pet parents so it can be rather difficult to get an appointment. But rather than look elsewhere, owners will persist as they are confident in the quality of service their pets will receive. Well-trained staff are skilled in the art of washing and trimming furry friends, delivering a haircut that will make them the pride of the dog park. All pet carers here treat animals with genuine affection and gentleness, as if they were their own. In addition to grooming, Dogger offers a raft of other services such as dog training, pet immigration and daycare. It opens daily from 10 am to 8 pm. More details are here.

pet grooming

Paw Palace

It is not an exaggeration to call this place a palace because it treats pets like princes and princesses. The Causeway Bay-situated grooming spot elevates the typical wash, dry and trim grooming process into a more spa-oriented and boujee experience.

Beauty treatments such as Nanobubble Ozone Shampoo & Cut Course, Total Skin Care Hydrotherapy, Milk & Honey Hydrating Scrub, Deluxe Facial Care, and Ceramide Skin Barrier Hydrotherapy make all pawed beings feel truly pampered.

Paw Palace’s attention to hygiene is noteworthy, as is the staff’s ability to make the pets feel calm while effortlessly turning them out like they can win a beauty pageant. For a pet who enjoys the lap of luxury, this establishment is second to none. It opens from 10 am to 9 pm daily except Wednesday. More details are here

(Text: Renuka Kennedy)

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