5 Apps That Every Shopaholic Will Love – Facilitating The Online Shopping Experience

Scrolling through many retail sites and finding the coolest pair of shoes or that statement-making scarf can be an adrenaline-rushing experience for many because quite honestly, online shopping can make a lot of people happy. When all that excitement leads you to shop till you drop, it is great to have resources that will help you find the best offers. Below are five shopping apps that help you with it.

online shopping


Karma self-proclaims itself as the best shopping app for making its users’ shopping experience more fun. No matter what each person wants to buy, the app tries to find the best offers from different websites thus helping people to save more and also shop more. If that is not enough, the online shopping app also gives out reward points (also known as K Cash) so every time a person purchases via the app, at certain stores, they will get a particular per cent of their spending as Karma cash which can be used later. More details are here

Join Honey

Another shopping tool that has become a favourite among regular shoppers is Join Honey, which facilitates the shopping experience and finds the best available offers. All that you have to do is add the Join Honey extension to your web browser, and the app automatically starts running whenever you shop (that is if you permit it to.) It also lets you know when another site has the same product at a better price and if an offer is actually genuine or just given after significantly increasing the actual prize. More details are here

online shopping

Vestiare Collective

If you love secondhand luxury items or abide by recycling, then you will absolutely go bonkers for Vestiare Collective. The app lists everything from clothes to shoes and bags that people want to resell with details of the product’s condition. Once you find an item you like, you can negotiate with the seller regarding the price. Generally, Vestiare Collective suggests that your asking price is not less than 70 per cent of the selling price and each buyer is allowed to make three price offers before finally settling on a price. More details are here


Net-a-Porter doubles down as a shopping app where you can find apparel and accessories from the latest fashion seasons and a lifestyle blog where you can find style inspiration and learn many more things about a variety of topics, including skincare, interior decoration, makeup and more. Best of all, the online shopping app has a huge database of various fashion brands so the options are endless here. Besides, Net-a-Porter also allows you to resell your own branded clothing and accessories. More details are here

online shopping


Mytheresa features the best selection of luxury items and boasts of selling capsule collections that are exclusively available only on its website. The app is a perfect resource to find the trendiest clothing, pieces of jewellery, bags, footwear and more and also classic pieces that will forever be loved by fashion enthusiasts. The company recently added a life section where you can shop for interior decor and necessities. Having a long history that extends back to late 1980, Mytheresa, which was initially a boutique, is now one of the best online shopping apps and delivers to about 130 countries now. More details are here

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