January Events: Highlights for Hong Kong’s upcoming month

From a long marathon that will give your 2020 an active start to shows like Kidsfest! that will entertain children – not to forget the Star Wars Return of the Jedi in Concert that will be loved among the Star Wars fans – here are the January events to look forward to in Hong Kong.

January events

Ultra-Trail Tai Mo Shan

4-6 Jan

Billing yourself as the “toughest event to challenge the human spirit” is, frankly, no way to ensure mass-market support. As the event in question, however, requires participants to negotiate their way around a 100 miles of Hong Kong shrubland – albeit with lovely views out across the Tai Mo Shan reservoir – this is clearly not a diversion for anyone less than 100% committed. While there are almost certainly worse ways to spend the first weekend of the New Year, none immediately spring to mind.

January events

Star Wars Return of the Jedi in Concert

4-5 Jan

 There’s a degree of misrepresentation going on here. This is not a musical take on the third slice of the original Star Wars trilogy. There’s no Darth Vader and a bunch of stormtroopers rocking it with “Sithadeedooa Sithadeehey, come and join the dark side, it’s really okay…” There is, however, a live performance on of the original movie score by the Hong Kong Philharmonic, a big screen showing the film and, most importantly, no vertical surfaces you’ll be expected to shin up before you’re allowed to go home. Sounds like a win-win to us…

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall 

January events

Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair

6-9 Jan

While many of us may well be toyed-out after the Christmas season, with the sight of one more replica light sabre likely to bring on palpitations and the sound of Buzz Lightyear endlessly outlining his pan-galactic aspirations set to put you in a fugue state, for some hardy souls it’s already time to find out what’s likely to be under the 2020 yuletide tree. If you want a sneak peak, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is the place to be over the four days it hosts Asia’s biggest toys and games expo. Play nicely.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Harbour Road Entrance).

January events

Hong Kong Open (Golf Tournament)

9-12 Jan

Considered as a must-attend event for all the golf aficionados, the Hong Kong Open (Golf Tournament) Is one of the city’s most popular sporting events. The event holds a history of nearly six decades and boasts a line of prominent winners over the past years. This year, in addition to the competition, there will also be complimentary golf lessons. Moreover, the organisers are putting up activities like face painting and magic shows to entertain children thus allowing the adults to enjoy the game to the fullest. 

The Hong Kong Golf Club, Fanling

January events

Company Wayne McGregor – Autobiography

10-12 Jan

Join award-winning British choreographer Wayne McGregor and his company, Company Wayne McGregor, in an odyssey through the life story of the renowned dance arranger and his chums, all told through the medium of chromosome imagery and “a genre-defying soundscape.” According to the promotional bumf: “Each performance unfolds uniquely, with the arrangement of the 23 self-contained choreographic chapters assembled randomly according to a computer-generated algorithm”. Look, I’m going to be honest with you here – there’s probably still time to book in for the 100-mile hike featured above and the New Star Wars (see below) is certain to be still showing somewhere…

The Box, Freespace.

January events
Photo Credits © Richard Davies