One Oasis: Spotlighting a stunning Cotai condo as the Macau bridge opens

Could the Macau bridge tempt you to quit Hong Kong and become a Cotai Strip-based commuter? This beautiful One Oasis condo may make you say yes!

One Oasis perfect for traditional 3-generation families

Later this year, the 42-kilometre Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau mega-bridge is set to finally open. An integral element of China’s plans for the Greater Bay Area, the bridge is expected to provide a huge boost to regional tourism, while cutting commute times in half.

Commenting on the possibilities opened up by its completion, Dr Ken Chu, Chief Executive of the Mission Hills Group, said: “Given the ever-rising home prices and rents in the SAR, for the first time, Hongkongers could consider moving to either Macau or Zhuhai and commuting in.”

Dedicated staircase from guest bedroom to loft

With this clearly a tempting prospect for many locals struggling to get on to the first rung of the property ladder – as well as for Hong Kong developers casting about their next big project – many are now looking to Macau, in particular, and wondering just how realistic such a relocation might prove. With the concurrent consideration, of course, being far more prosaic – “How much is it likely to cost?”

A quick perusal of a recent Macau development – One Oasis – should provide something of an answer to both questions. Set on the Cotai Strip, one of the ritziest corners of the Vegas of the East, the development’s show flat offers 5,045 sq. ft of space and looks out overendless acres of mountain views, as well as across some of the world’s most exclusive golf real estate.

Sprawling vistas dominate the living area

Rightly proud of this prime development is Alain Wong, design director of Comodo Interior and Furniture Design, the Hong Kong-based company responsible for its interior stylings. Assessing its appeal, he said: “Facing the Cotai Strip, the magnificent scenery could not be bested by anything the Las Vegas Strip has to offer.”

Unlike the extravagant aesthetic of the neighbouring casinos, this residential complex has opted for an ethos of understated luxury and true elegance. The dominant colour scheme remains neutral and earthy throughout, interleaved with a series of specially-chosen gold-highlighted home accessories. That, alone, suggests that mainland buyers remain high on the prospects list.

Gold accents mean mainland buyers are top prospects

Upon entering the apartments, it is the panoramic ocean vistas that are most instantly striking. Across from the apartment’s floor-to-ceiling windows is a custom-made rose-gold metal feature wall, which runs uninterrupted across two floors, heightening the already spacious feel. It is a testament to the skill of the developers that they have so effectively counterpointed the sheer airiness of the space with a welcoming, warm and even cosy intimacy.

After exploring the living room, your next destination will almost certainly be the first floor, home to both the en-suite guest bedroom and a more child-friendly sleeping space. The high-ceilinged guestroom also comes with its own discreet spiral staircase, giving direct access to the loft-tier and a leisure-cum-study room.

Sumptuous master bedroom

The top storey is rightfully reserved for the suitably-sumptuous master bedroom, which boasts a walk-in closet, an extensive en suite bathroom and a bespoke study space, fetchingly separated from the bedroom proper by rose-gold panelling.

While natural light is given free play within the interior, the designers have not neglected the importance of more artificial illumination when it comes to setting a mood. To this end, a fascinating spherical ceiling-suspended light fixture allows the feel of the living room to be easily fine-tuned, while a metal pendant light provides a similar facility in the dining space.

Guest bedroom has its own staircase

Tellingly, though, despite the apartment’s undeniably modern feel, it remains wholly geared to housing that most traditional of domestic set-ups – the three generation-strong extended family. As a nod to this most time-honoured of structures, the apartment also features a dedicated family function area, as well as a private lift connecting to what could easily be re-purposed as a bespoke ‘granny flat’.

Well, with One Oasis clearly demonstrating that Macau has the residential amenities to woo away even the most fervent Hongkonger, the question, as ever, inevitably dwindles down to comparative costs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the long and unpredictable history of the mighty Macau Bridge, the developers are unwilling to give away too much at this stage.

Spacious rooms

Suffice to say, though, the higher the eventual unit cost, the more successful this ocean-spanning initiative can safely be deemed to be. Should, however, prices languish at a giveaway due to an unimpressive demand level, then some very hard questions will be asked about the wisdom behind this longgestating HK$11 billion (US$ 1.4 billion) multi-city link…


Text: Jaymee Ng
Images: One Oasis, Comodo Interior and Furniture Design