February Events: Highlights for Hong Kong’s upcoming month

With health and safety being the top priority in Hong Kong right now, many events have been either cancelled or postponed events. If, however, you are willing to brave a little uncertainty, the city still has an array of – surely welcome – diversions on offer.

February events

Comic World Hong Kong

2 Feb

If you are a fan of the comics or simply in the mood to explore the genre, the biannual Comic World Hong Kong is one event you should certainly add to your calendar. From creating the best character to how to draft a truly-gripping one-page strip, the event is the perfect introduction to this irresistibly modish medium.

Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre – Hall 2 & 3.

February events

Disney on Ice – Live Your Dreams

19-23 Feb

In the unlikely event your dreams largely revolve around talking mice, petulant ducks and lions lip-synching to Elton John then the wonderful world of Disney is definitely for you. If you like all of the above, plus winter sports, then boy – or girl – are you in for a treat. As you might expect, Let It Go will be belted out at least once and we’d put money on a snowboarding Baloo or two delivering the Bear Necessities before the night is out. While legend has it that Uncle Walt had his head cryogenically frozen in the hope of one day being resurrected that is not a regular part of the show. Shame that.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

February events

Werq The World

21-22 Feb

Speaking of sass and style, the stars of top-rated reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race – a series that has notched up 10 Emmy wins out of a total of 30 nominations – are returning to Hong Kong as part of the Werq The World global tour. Taking all things intergalactic theme as the suitably out-of-this-world theme, the cast includes some of the show’s most notorious former contestants, including Yvie Oddly, Kim Chi, Monet X Exchange and Aquaria. This titanic team-up, of course, is on a mission to save the galaxy, so expect laughs by the light year and truly cosmic costumed capers.

AC Hall.

February events

Kidsfest! 2020

15 Jan-23 Feb

While billing itself as “World Class Theatre for Young People” may not make itself sound the coolest of happenings – here’s a hint organisers: only maiden aunts and superannuated politicos ever use the term “young people” unironically, Kidsfest! is actually a blast. With nearly a month’s worth of on-stage shenanigans to be had, the standouts here are likely to be pretty much anything Gruffalo-related. Also, worth a peek are the worryingly gender-specific Mr Men and Little Misses and couple of favourites – notably Stick Man and The Snail and the Whale.

Drama Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.

February events

Translantau 2020

28 Feb-1 March

If you didn’t give yourself a coronary or irretrievably twist something vital at the beginning of last month in the Ultra-Trail, the ever considerate organisers of the Tranlantau 103km I cant-believe-that’s-anybody’s-idea-of Fun Run are giving you a second chance to commit jogacide.. Now in its ninth edition – and with no sign of a published casualties list  – it may actually be safer than it sounds. So, should you take part? Well, let’s put it this way, no-one not enjoying an exclusive Make-A-Wish early preview has ever died during a Star Wars movie. And that’s coming up next.

February events