Cartier celebrates COLORATURA collection with two VIP galas at Rosewood

In celebration of the Hong Kong launch of its all-new COLORATURA collection, luxury jewellery label Cartier hosted not one but two gala dinners at the exclusive Rosewood Hong Kong last weekend. This was in addition to a five-day exhibition showcasing the new 450 designs – said to be valued at over HK$1.6 billion in total – at the same venue.

Models at Cartier's COLORATURA VIP gala in Hong Kong

Over the course of two nights (3 and 4 May), Nigel Luk, Regional Managing Director for Cartier North Asia, welcomed the crème de la crème of Hong Kong society to partake of the joyous celebration. The first night saw such notable guests as Pansy Ho, Cathy Lee, Brigitte Lin, Claudine Ying, Eileen Ying, Rosamund Kwan, Qin Lan, Irene Lee, Charles Ho, Adrian Cheng, Ming and Sherman Tang, Sharon and Alain Li, Janice and Louis Choy, Anne & Julian Liu, Helen and Rock Chen, Antonia Li, Jacqueline Sun and Benedict Sin.

Meanwhile, the second evening’s guest list included Laurinda Ho, Kathy and Julien Lepeu, Reggie and Ronald Kwok, Miki and Edwin Kwok, Veronica and Steve Loman, Charmaine Ho, Antonia Da Cruz, Anina Ho, Alison Chan, Su Mang, Helena and Benedict Sin and Christopher Sin.

Cartier’s new COLORATURA collection takes its name from a 16th-century Italian word that signifies a highly virtuoso style of music, which in turn is derived from the Latin word for ‘colour’. In line with this, the beautiful array of haute joaillerie encompasses the vibrant colours of India, the subtle palettes of Japan or the staccato shades of Africa. To catch your own glimpse of the glamorous gala proceedings, check out the video below. Or, to find out more about the new collection, visit