Aroma Therapy: Four new perfumes for this season

With summer well and truly on us, the haute perfumers have launched a range of new perfumes this season, of which we have shortlisted four new aromas you just can’t do without…

Green has long been synonymous with freshness, so luxury label Gucci naturally gravitated towards this particular hue for packaging for its new limited-edition Gucci Flora Emerald Gardenia fragrance. The green colour is not only apt for its container, but is also emblematic of its carefully-curated contents, all ripe with fruity and floral notes, layered on a soft woody base.

Meanwhile, Giorgio Armani has expanded its Gioia perfume collection with the addition of LIGHT di Gioia, an add-on aroma that ably encapsulates the citrusy and musky notes of nature.

For its part, YSL Beauté has chosen to infuse the delicate floral notes of violet into its latest offering, Grain de Poudre. It is, however, the subtle hints of subsidiary sage, coriander and pepper that make its aroma quite so complex and timeless.

The parfumiers at Van Cleef & Arpels, too, have looked to add another classic fragrance – Sandalwood – to their Collection Extraordinaire. As its name suggests, this is one aroma that harnesses the ageless appeal of sandalwood, enhanced with a hint of mandarin and fig milk.