Collagen soup, the beauty broth for body and soul at Bijin Nabe

If you browse through the ingredient list of beauty products, there’s one common item that’s just bound to recur time and again. This magic ingredient is none other than collagen. Glowing skin, shiny tresses, long nails – it’s all down to collagen apparently. Interestingly enough, collagen already exists in our body without ever being supplemented externally. But as we age, our we produce less and less collagen with every passing year. Thus arises the need to supplement our body’s collagen with external intake. Hence the long list of beauty products that all promise to enhance our body’s collagen content.

Now imagine, instead of applying collagen externally and hoping it gets absorbed effectively, what if you could directly digest collagen in form of food? And not just in the powder that you have to mix with a juice to make it more palatable. We’re talking about bone broth – the original, old-school way of partaking collagen.

Hongkongers can now try this authentic mode of having collagen soup, thanks to Japanese ‘farm-to-table’ hotpot brand Bijin Nabe, that has opened at the apm shopping mall in Millennium City 5, Kwun Tong. On their menu is the collagen-rich chicken ‘beauty stock’ that looks like a pudding when it first makes an appearance on the table but soon melts into a rich creamy soup when heated, acting as the broth for the hotpot.

What makes it so special is that this soup is not just super-delicious but also packed to the gunwales with – besides collagen – vitamins and minerals that help reduce inflammation, treat joint pain and boost our digestive and immunity systems.

Bijin Nabe, 3/F, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong