April Movies: What To Watch in Hong Kong Theatres this month

With April being a month packed to the brim with public holidays, it’s the perfect time to head to theatres for some cinematic distraction. Indeed, with a whole array of new releases hitting the big screen this month, it’s best to get your tickets early to ensure you don’t miss out. Here’s our roundup of the top five movies in April to pencil into your calendar.

Shazam! – 4 April

If your faith in DC Comics’ superheroes being adapted into films has all but been lost, we urge you to give the fictional universe one last chance, as Shazam! has already received rave reviews. Hailed by critics as the most fun DC film yet (Sorry Wonder Woman, you were great but not very peppy) this superhero adventure follows the story of a foster kid who can turn into a super-powered being named Shazam with help from none other than an ancient wizard. Can a child handle the responsibilities that come with being an adult, let alone a hero? You’ll have to grab your ticket to find out.

Pet Sematary – 4 April

Also receiving praise from the critics (unlike its original 1989 adaptation) is the newest interpretation of renowned horror guru Stephen King’s novel Pet Sematary. If you’ve finally recovered from the initial chills of its 30-year-old predecessor, you can buckle in and prepare for the remake’s take on the rural Maine town that hosts a pet cemetery like no other. As the animals who are buried there seem capable of returning to life – albeit with drastic and not-very-friendly personality shifts – one may wonder if their grief-filled owners should have foregone the burials instead.

Cold War – 18 April

If you’re in the mood for something a tad more serious than superheroes or resurrected pets, you may want to attend Cold War‘s screening this month. While the film debuted last year, it has just arrived in Hong Kong (better late than never) and follows the story of the Cold War in ’50s Poland, where love and passion can still shine through despite the shadow of the Iron Curtain. The recipient of the European Film Awards’ Best PictureBest Director and Best Screenplay, we’re certain it’s worth a watch. An added tip, don’t forget your tissues!

Marvel Studio’ Avengers: EndGame – 24 April

If you need a synopsis for Avengers: End Game, may we politely ask, ‘where have you been this past decade’? Indeed, the final instalment to the current and much-beloved Marvel saga is drawing to its end, and the world will finally know the fate of its beloved heroes – Iron Man, Captain America and Black Panther, to name a few. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats to find out whether the vanquished allies be able to emerge triumphant despite Thanos’ attempt to rid the galaxy of half of its population. While not the serious epic such as Cold War, we still suggest a tissue or two as we say farewell to our heroes one last time. 

The Queen’s Corgi – 25 April

While we’re sure the kiddos have already begged you to take them to The Queen’s Corgi based on the cuteness factor of the British monarch’s pup Rex alone, the story does indeed have a plot beyond just adorable animation. Poor Rex loses his way in the vast halls of the castle and must find his way back to the Queen Along the way he manages to find love and have an adventure or two. May we suggest this be an adventure for the babysitter to have with the kids, as no amount of cartoon corgi could make our team attend.