Red Light Therapy: The glowing benefits of low-level laser therapy

Technology continues to make its way into our everyday lives, beyond entertainment and social networking, the medical and beauty field have managed to incorporate new forms of laser technology into healing and age-defying treatments. Red Light Therapy (RLT), also known as Infrared Light Therapy or Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), is the latest trend in medicine and beauty that offers a non-invasive treatment to healing injuries, sculpting the body and repairing skin.

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The effects of RLT or LLLT has been studied to relieve pain, heal injuries, stimulate nerve function and improve energy imbalance and blood circulation. According to Harvard Health Publishing, different colours of LED light produce different wavelengths of visible light can induce various biological effects, such as muscle tension, pain relief, injury repair and an improvement in psychological conditions. It has also been known to stimulate cell growth, offering a painless alternative to physical therapy and invasive beauty treatments such as Botox and liposuction. 

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Pain relief and injury repair
Red light and near-infrared light often used to treat frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome and relieve neck, back and shoulder pain. Several studies published on the US National Library of Medicine also mention that the effects of low-power light therapy when associated with exercise can be effective in relieving pain for patients with osteoarthritis in the knees. This level of electromagnetic radiation (typically between 600nm to 800nm) can penetrate through the surface of the skin and reach the bones and soft tissues, boosting the energy in the body’s muscular cells which helps repair injuries. 

Where to go: Clinics such as Excel Medical Group and Dr. Michael Singleton provide cold laser therapy which is also a form of low level laser therapy treatment that relieve physical pain and heal injuries. Rogue Care, on the other hand, provides a range of different RLT equipment for clinical and home use that can be purchased via their website.gafencu magazine red light therapy LLLT body sculpting

Body sculpting

If  exercise has never appealed to you, body sculpting through RTL offers a stress-free option to contouring your silhouette by breaking down unwanted fat cells. It is surprisingly painless and offer a non-invasive alternative to surgical treatments such as liposuction. Lipocavitation, as Esthe Clinic calls it, is a treatment that uses ultrasonic cavitation to reduce fat cells in localised areas of the body. In a 6-week pilot study for LLLT treatments for weight loss published in the Lasers in Medical Science, the results showed 0.8-inch (2-cm) reduction in waist circumference. 

Where to go: Central-set Esthe Clinic provides a body shaping programme designed by medical professionals and powered by advanced technology and equipment that help do away with stubborn fats, cellulite and loose skin to contour the body in three to five weeks time.

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Aestheticians and dermatologists have also jumped on the bandwagon of using red light therapy to regenerate the skin. A study published in the Photomedicine and Laser Surgery journal offered results that showed RLT’s effects in skin rejuvenation, healing acne scars and improving skin complexion. Harvard Health Publishing has also reported that LED light on the skin can stimulate the production of collagen and skin recovery. 

Where to go: Popular skincare and beauty company Skin Laundry, uses medical grade lasers to gently remove damaged skin and minimise the appearance of unwanted discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. There are also self-care devices such as GLOWGEAR’s GLOWDROP 4-in-1 Facial Device offers an all-in-one experience that allows you to cleanse the skin as well as expel breakouts and treat fine lines with its ‘Thermo-Glo Booster’ and NASA-inspired red & Blue LED lights.

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Psychological benefits

Several studies published on the US National Institute of Medicine also have shown results reflecting the psychological benefits of infrared light therapy, stating that there were improvements of symptoms in patience with dementia and Alzheimer’s and a significant improvement in the conditions of patience with depression.

Red light therapy is an increasingly popular alternative therapy to healing and skincare though academics and medical professionals do warn that although RLT are generally considered safe with no reported significant effects or risks, it is still a relatively new treatment with limited clinical studies therefore the majority of beneficial claims of the treatments are anecdotal and based on personal experience.


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