Toast to the new Year of the Tiger with the opulent Louis XIII

Ring in the Lunar New Year with a toast to welcome the 2022 Year of the Tiger. Serving as a symbol of  wealth and happiness, what better way to raise your glass in celebration of a new beginning with close friends and family than with a luxurious imbibe, by the venerable Louis XIII.

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Unparalleled in skill, knowledge and quality, the celebrated cognac maker puts out a sumptuous and deliciously tantalising cognac — a testament of the brand’s more than 140 years of experience in the mastery of producing one of the world’s most desirable and sought-after imbibes.

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However, Louis XIII’s undeniably indelible flavours don’t come without the painstaking crafting process of each of its cognac. The distillery, since Louis XIII’s inception in 1874, have had generations of wine cellar experts curate a staggering array of eau de vie made from grapes grown in France’s Grande Champagne region.

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These experts select from over 1, 200 different eau de vie – some younger, while some date back centuries – to create a harmonious blend of rich flavours. Over 250 disparate aromas are incorporated together, resulting in a vivid freshness of passion fruit and spice of ginger to rich notes of candied plumbs; giving the tipple its common comparison to drinking a sumptuous sip of perfume.

Even while the focus of carefully distilling decadent cognacs, equal attention is paid to the bottling process as well, ensuring the finished product is fit for the eponymous French king the brand takes its name from. As such, each bottle is lovingly handcrafted by artisans of one of two French royal crystal workshops – Baccarat or Saint Louis – transforming the containers into glorious works of art fit to present as the perfect gift for the Lunar New Year. 

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