Wacaco Nanopresso: Make the perfect espresso wherever you go

There’s something ritualistic about brewing your own espresso, whether it’s that first cuppa in the morning, or an afternoon pick-me-up. From the perfect temperature to the perfect bean, everyone likes their shot of java made in a certain way. But what do you do when you’re away from the comforts of home, or outside of walking distance from your favoured coffeehouse? That’s where the new Wacaco Nanopresso comes in.

Hailed as being an all-in-one portable espresso machine, the Nanopresso boasts some impressive specs, all without the need for any electricity. Its patented pumping system means that when you flex your muscles, the machine is capable of reaching up to 261 PSI of stable pressure – in layman’s terms, that’s more pressure than most home espresso machines can deliver – all while requiring 15 percent less force to pump than its predecessors.

Compact and lightweight, Wacaco Nanopresso revolutionises espressos on the go

What’s more, at 15.6cm long and just 336 grams, the Wacaco Nanopresso (US$64.90) is the perfect travel companion whether you’re off on a jetsetting trip around the world, or merely heading to Ma On Shan for an afternoon of hiking. It comes with a handy hard case to protect it from unwanted bumps and bruises, and even has a detachable cup. All you need for your next caffeinated cuppa is some ground coffee and hot water.