Ring It In: Attention-grabbing cocktail rings for that special occasion

The Roaring Twenties heralded a time of enormous change, with women of the world over fighting for equality and freedom as never before. Reflecting this changing mindset, the traditional norms of jewellery-wearing were also turned on its head. Replacing the demure designs of yesteryear were a plethora of attention-grabbing creations that were as unapologetically bold as they were beautiful – and none more so than cocktail rings.

  1. Harry Winston Dancing Flames ring
  2. Harry Winston Sweet Heart ring
  3. Chopard Red Carpet Collection 2021
  4. Chanel Collection No.5 Diamond Stopper ring

These items of haute joaillerie first came into being during the US’ Prohibition Era, when trailblazing women attended illegal cocktail parties and soirées dressed to the nines. Jewellery, of course, played its part in announcing the status of a lady, and fashionistas would purposely don large gem-studded rings on the hand they used to sip their illicit tipple of choice. This, unsurprisingly, birthed the term ‘cocktail ring’.

  1. Piaget Extraordinary Lights ring
  2. Chaumet Torsade de Chaumet ring
  3. Van Cleef Arpels Iwamoto ring
  4. Bulgari Ruby Metamrphosis ring

Today, these gorgeous bijouterie may not have the same political significance as during its inception, but they nevertheless remain a surefire method of ensuring you snare any passing gaze. Adorned with oversized diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones, these conversation starters will never go out of style, be it as unabashed symbols of wealth and power or simply an easy ice-breaker at your next fancy do.

  1. Buccellati Iris ring
  2. Cartier Parhelia ring
  3. De Beers Namib Wonder open ring
  4. Hermès Lignes Sensibles ring