9 tips to care for your designer clothes

Designer clothes often entail significant investments. From the quality of materials to craftsmanship of  garments, high-fashion outfits are often made to last for several years. But no matter the quality, garments are unlikely to last  several seasons unless they are properly cared for. The following tips will help you care very well for your prized designer clothes.

9 tips to care for your designer clothes gafencu magazine fashion delicate fabric

Avoid using wired hangers

Wired hangers are generally not great to use for storing clothes. Wired hangers are actually improper to use for hanging and storing heavy garments, such as gowns and silk, as they tend to bend even as they are also  flimsy. They are also prone to rust and their edges more often than not leave unflattering shoulder tips that are difficult to flatten out. Instead of wired hangers, use padded ones that keep light fabrics from slipping and which won’t leave any unwanted stains on the fabric.

9 tips to care for your designer clothes gafencu magazine fashion folded


A common mistake in organizing wardrobes is hanging all types of clothes. Although it is an admirable sight to open our closet doors to a spread of our best collection of designer clothes, materials such as knitted sweaters will cause delicate fibres to stretch over time if hung for extended periods. To avoid this, folding is a better alternative to keep designer clothes with heavy fabrics in top shape. Other materials on clothes that are better folded than hung are beads, lace, and sequins which tend to snag against other clothes when hung.

9 tips to care for your designer clothes gafencu magazine fashion storage


Always ensure clothes are clean storing them, and remove any plastic or vinyl dry-cleaning bags to avoid damaging delicate fabrics, such as wool, cashmere or silk. (More on this in the subsequent tip). An alternative is to store clothes in garment bags that are made of breathable materials, such as muslin, and to place them in cool and dry spaces away from windows to avoid fading of colours caused by UV exposure.


Investing in a dehumidifier for a closet is a great way to prolong the lifespan of your designer clothes as the air circulation from the device will negate humidity and heat that break down fabrics and cause them to mould. This is specially so when clothes are kept in vinyl or plastic clear bags, which trap moisture and dry cleaning chemicals.

9 tips to care for your designer clothes gafencu magazine fashion silk

Remove Stains Immediately

Stains are the bane of every piece of fashion garment. However, accidents happen from time to time. In case of any mishap, it is essential to treat stains immediately, especially before washing. Pouring white vinegar over stains before hand washing of the stained area will calm any panic from potential ruin of a designer piece.

Hand Wash

Always read carefully the label on the collar for washing instructions, like temperature and wash cycle. It is important to note that delicate fabrics, such as silk, must not be washed using a washing machine in spite of instructions on the label. A better alternative is to soak them in lukewarm water and gently rub soap to remove any unwanted stains or dirt.

9 tips to care for your designer clothes gafencu magazine fashion leather

Air Dry

Air drying garments in a natural fashion is a great way to avoid damages to fabrics caused by dryers. Dryers produce very high temperatures that can break down and shrink fabrics. They also reduce wrinkles caused by tumbling in a drum of a dryer. Additionally, in case leather — a fabric type that should never get wet — happens to get soaked, it must be dried naturally. Throwing them into the dryer will only alter the chemical structure of the item and cause it to stiffen.

9 tips to care for your designer clothes gafencu magazine fashion steam press

Steam Press

Let go of a clothes iron since steam pressing is the better way to go when removing wrinkles. Steam pressing doesn’t apply direct heat onto the fabrics as it uses steam to hover over unwanted wrinkles on the fabrics. Results are just as effective as an iron without the damaging effects of an iron on the garments.

9 tips to care for your designer clothes gafencu magazine fashion fur

Leave it to the professionals

Let’s face it, laundry is a tedious chore that cannot be avoided as it entails understanding the different modes of wash cycles to choosing the best laundry detergent for delicate fabrics. Laundry caused anxiety to any fashionista as even one tiny mistake can ruin a designer piece beyond repair. When it comes to ensuring a  delicate fabric or designer clothes are clean and properly cared for, it’s best to leave this matter to specialists who are experts in caring for top-notch quality outfits and delicate fabrics.

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