Symbols of success: must-have men’s accessories

A fine gentleman is defined not only by his well-manicured grooming and elegant attire, but also by  essential accessories that he uses. Though often miniature in sizes, accessories are subtle statements that reflect a lot about a man’s personality, fashion sense and even wealth, making them essential elements. Here’s a short list of must-have accessories of a successful gentleman.


Any successful man knows that time well spent on productivity is a vital element of success. Watches have always been synonymous with style and wealth, but beyond the aesthetics of a fashionable watch, the vital importance of a quality timepiece lies in its reliability and functionality. The latest trend to hit the market are dive watches. 

Image: Rolex Submariner / Omega Seamaster / Tudor Pelagos / Breitling Endurance Pro / Panerai Submersible GoldtechT


At the moment, bracelets are among the most trendy men’s accessories. An elegant bracelet accentuates a debonaire gentleman whether he is in a casual or formal attire.  

Image: Dunhill / Versace / Le Gramme


During sunny days, a pair of designer shades are essential. A pair that best suits the shape of a man is ideal. A pair of sunglasses not only protects the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, but also helps a man project a cool and sassy image. Square sunglasses are the most popular in men’s style though vintage sunglasses offer a bolder and daring statement.

Image: Cartier / Gucci / Dunhill

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Image: Dunhill Biometric Wallet

Bluetooth Wallet

A man’s wallet not only reflects his wealth and style, it is also one of the most essential in daily life. A sharp departure from the usual practice of a wallet stacked with credit cards, paper bills and some business cards, high-tech Bluetooth wallets are now in vogue and displays affluence. This wallet type is also far more secure and high tech, often equipped with a fingerprint sensor and an alarm system activated it is several feet away from its owner’s mobile phone. Clearly, this high-tech feature avoids unwitting loss of vitally important items.

Image: Dunhill Biometric Wallet


A man’s smell reflects directly his style and personality. Cologne is an invisible appendage of the overall presentation of a respectable and refined gentleman. It even carries some wellness benefits that aromatherapy is known to provide. 

Image: Jo Malone / Clive Christian / Creed / Tom Ford

Leather Belt

Whether donning a formal, business or casual attire, one the must-have accessories is a leather belt. This belt type is durable, versatile, and can easily elevate the overall look of a well-dressed man. 

Image: Hermes / Gucci / Valentino Garvani / Dunhill