Wooed by Wood at Joineur

Crafted by the sophisticated artisans who transform wood into timeless works of art, traditional Chinese furniture has stood the test of time, proving its appeal to be a classic touch to any home, even as the modern and contemporary era of interior design continue to evolve.

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Traditional Chinese furniture has always been highly sought after due to its use of quality hardwoods such as rosewood, and red and black ebony. Thanks to the versatility of these kinds of wood, they can be shaped into curves and round corners. But due to their hard nature, nailing can damage the material, which is why furniture using hardwood has to be assembled using special techniques. Unfortunately, craftsmen possessing this expertise have dwindled over the years, making this type of furniture-building into a lost art. 

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Now, thankfully, homegrown furniture brand Joineur has revived the art of traditional Chinese furniture with an extensive range including sofas, dining tables and cupboards, all made from fine hardwood timbers such as ebony, red sandalwood and rosewood.

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Deftly blending Ming Dynasty legacy and traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, Joineur specialises in furniture that not only serves as a centre piece but is also fully functional and comfortable. 

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For more information visit www.joineur.com.