Aro-Man Therapy: Musk haves and male florals – 10 scents for men to start afresh in spring

With the arrival of spring, it is time not only to update your wardrobe but also to rejuvenate your fragrance collection. Fresh, invigorating and revitalising, these men’s spring scents are sure to dispel any dark clouds blotting the mind. Citrus, floral and earthy notes are the staples for spring, but in 2023, aroma trends are changing, so musky and woody bouquets also announce their arrival.

Some of the fragrances are as crisp and bright as the summer sun, while others are more transitional – think warm musk in a lighter application than the one that brings olfactory comfort in winter. A few could be candidates for your next signature scent, while others are ideal for a change of pace.

Acqua di Parma “Colonia”
Originally created in 1916, Colonia is the very definition of a timeless classic, a fragrance that expresses sunny elegance on all occasions. Acqua di Parma’s signature blend of bright lemon, Calabrian bergamot and orange instantly emerges once it is sprayed, and is amplified even more in the aromatic heart of the fragrance where lavender and hints of rose harmoniously intertwine with rosemary. Warm and precious woody notes of vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli round off the base of this iconic Italian eau de cologne.

Amouage “Reflection”

For this spicy eau de parfum, Amouage combines the strong aromas of red pepper leaves, rosemary and bitter orange. Regardless of whether you like to cloak yourself in fragrance or cap it at a couple of spritzes, the Omani perfumer has perfected heady blends ranging from springy concoctions to moodier collectives that will linger all day – and leave an impression that will last much longer.

Arquiste “Peau”
This one is for the romantics – as the New York fragrance house notes on the box, Peau is inspired by Roman Emperor Hadrian’s memories of Antinous, his lost lover. Salty, peppery and musky notes blend to evoke intimacy, while its main ingredients comprise ambergris, clean musk accord, clary sage, white pepper from India, labdanum derivatives and okoumé wood from Gabon.

Chanel “Bleu de Chanel”
Probably the most popular among young professionals, Bleu de Chanel is the safest option when you are starting your journey to discover your signature scent. Its year-round appeal unsurprisingly ensures its enduring status as one of the top creations in the fragrance sphere. A mixture of fine notes of grapefruit and labdanum, in particular, make it well-suited for spring, imbuing both earthy and citrusy overtures.

Diptyque “Do Son”
This Diptyque blue bottle, a limited edition from the Parisian parfumerie, captures notes of tuberose as well as orange blossom and jasmine. The fragrance was inspired by Yves Coueslant’s summer childhood memories in Vietnam, with the scent of the tropical ornamental plant leading the way. Sweet and creamy with a floral freshness that calls to mind winding down in the shade after a long day out in the sun, it’s an essence that will soften over hours of wear, enveloping into a scented ‘aura’.

Elorea “Heaven”
This modern floral scent with a Korean sensibility is romantic and inviting, beginning with sensual roses. Intriguing hints of pink pepper and citrus add dimension to the florals, followed by notes of passion fruit and green tea. This fresh, fruity waft adds a lovely blend of subtle sweetness, balancing the fragrant botanical of freesia, which deepens with wood and vanilla aromas for a velvety finish.

Ermenegildo Zegna “XXX Verdigris”
The XXX collection of fragrances is one of Ermenegildo Zegna’s most innovative yet – perfect for those with uncompromising tastes. Defined by a signature clash of organic and metallic, Verdigris eau de parfum represents olfactory experimentation via a fresh, woody atmosphere, articulated through powerful notes including cardamom essential oil and violet leaves.

Officine Universelle Buly “Eau Triple Fleur d’Oranger”
You can trust Buly 1803 as the creator of your next signature fragrance since they have been ensuring the Paris elite smell sweet for more than 200 years. An explosion of citrus flavours – orange flower, lemon and neroli – along with sweet freesia and a delicate white musk characterise this scent, which truly encapsulates spring in a bottle. It is ideal for a morning pick-me-up or an evening nightcap.

Parfums de Marly “Carlisle”
When winter comes to an end, woods and spices don’t have to take a backseat; in fact, the correct combination can heat things up even more. The niche Paris perfume brand conjures elements of green apple into a seductive fusion of vanilla and patchouli that is musky yet crisp. This scent will put your companions in a blissful trance whether you are wearing it at an intimate dinner or a bigger night out.

Régime des Fleurs “Rock River Melody”
With Rock River Melody, Regime des Fleurs founder Alia Raza and Paris-based editor Christopher Niquet aim not for gender neutrality, but for an intriguing deconstruction of the traditionally masculine ingredients that make up a classically green spicy wood bouquet. The result of their collaboration is a sparklingly crisp and fresh green scent, while the spicy wood base boasts the unmistakable potency of an old-school male fragrance.