Cire Trudon launches niche perfumes with a whiff of history


For the perfume industry, the paradigm shift started in the early 2000s, when French perfume Editions de Parfums hit the market in an innocuous, minimalist bottle. It went on to become so popular that it caught Estée Lauder’s attention which bought the brand a few years back.

With more and more perfume brands entering the market and becoming niche favourites every year, it seems that celebrity endorsements, marketing gimmicks and fancy packaging are no longer being able to pull crowds.

The latest to join the niche perfume market is iconic French iconic candle-maker, Trudon. As royal manufacturers of scented candles since 1643, expanding to the perfume business was a natural move, according to the brand’s director Elodie Herreria. Breaking away from the stereotype of masculine and feminine binaries, Trudon aims to create an olfactory expression that references character rather than gender.

Acclaimed perfumers, Lyn Harris, Antoine Lie and Yann Vasnier, have infused the collection with rich mix of historical notes with modern twists.

Cryptically named Bruma, II, Mortel, Olim and Revolution, the five scents pay tribute to the brand’s rich French heritage. While Bruma (our personal recommendation) and Olim reference the radiance and vanity of the royal era, II is a nod to new beginnings. Revolution and Mortel are more complex expressions, with hints of upheaval and mysticism.

Presented in simple bottles with stark labels, the five scents are devoid of any frills and are left to speak for themselves. And speak they do, appealing to our innermost senses of beauty and harmony.

Retail price: HK$1,900/100 ml

Available at SHHH Boutique, G/F, 94 Hollywood Road, Central 

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay