From Classic to Contemporary: The Best Jewellery Brands in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for its bustling shopping scene and is a popular destination for those in search of high-quality jewellery. With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right brand. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top jewellery brands in Hong Kong that are renowned for their exquisite designs, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional quality. Whether you’re in search of a statement piece or something more subtle, these brands have got you covered.


The backbone of Qeelin’s designs is deeply rooted in giving a contemporary twist to traditional symbols thus holding on to the Chinese heritage and also being in the likes of the modern consumers. For instance, one of Qeelin’s iconic collections is the Wulu which is significantly inspired by Wu Lu (or Wu Lou) which represents prosperity and positive vibes in Chinese culture. The brand is also known for its playful pieces of bijouterie like the Bo Bo Gang collection which has a diamond-embellished panda as the focal point.


Marrying the Bauhaus philosophy of design with the concept of minimalism is this jewellery brand Niessing with a rich history spanning up to 150 years. Through these 15 decades, it has continuously stayed true to its craftsmanship by creating jewellery pieces like tension rings, as Niessing calls them Spannrings, that maintain the mark’s design DNA while also appealing to the modern crowd. Beyond this, Niessing is known for its unique range of colours, including about 15 shades of gold and its newest addition a rose gold one named Supla Grenadine, that have all been created through alloying. Such a diverse range of colours in combination with the many design options allows people to create bespoke ornates.

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Cindy Chao – The Art Jewel

Described as vividly artistic in nature, Taiwanese jeweller Cindy Chao’s The Art Jewel has heavy influences from both Eastern and Western techniques. It is appreciated for its unique jewellery designs that are a result of its creative process that begins with a two-dimensional layout of the jewel which is followed by the lost-wax casting technique to form a three-dimensional sculpture thus resulting in the brand’s standout 3D jewelleries. This particular style of craftsmanship is also reflected in the brand’s latest collections – Black Label Masterpieces and White Label Collection – especially in one standout piece, the Cabochon Colombian emerald-centred Spring Cardamom Brooch.

Austy Lee Art Jewellery

Rooted in creating vintage-inspired jewels that also look edgy, Austy Lee Art Jewellery is a brand that focuses on creating unique pieces of jewellery that cater to fashionable people. As Austy Lee Jewellery precisely puts it, the designs from the brand are “psychedelic.” Moreover, with its founder having a strong connection with jade, the brand has many earrings, necklaces, rings, and more that feature jade gemstones in them. In fact, there is even a collection named Jade Dynasty that has jade as its main attraction.

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Kajal Naina

As a recipient of the prestigious A’ Design Award and Competition, Kajal Naina is a jewellery brand that tries to narrate a story through every single ornament. The jewellery makers here pay attention to every single detail – every stone and every carving – so that the result is nothing but an enticing ornament that will easily catch people’s attention. As its founder explains, the purpose of these pieces of jewellery is not just to elevate a person’s beauty but also their spirit. Moreover, Kajal Naina is particularly known for its collection of pearl necklaces with zodiac symbols.

Nautical Charm: High jewellery pieces inspired by the ocean

For centuries, the allure of the deep sea has served as inspiration for many artistic creations – be it the undulating waves of the high seas or the marine life that inhabit the diverse watery depths. Its captivating beauty and awe-inspiring seascapes transport the senses to a world beyond the familiar. Yet its expanse remains an intriguing mystery. It is the vastness and lure of the ocean that allows the artistic mind to roam free – inspiring maisons of haute joaillerie to re-imagine life under the sea and create ocean-inspired motifs that pay homage to the charm of the nautical world.

From Chopard’s red carpet ring to Van Cleef & Arpel’s Seven Seas collection to Gübelin’s Grace of the Sea Anemone cocktail ring, these fine works of jewellery for the fingers, wrist and décolletage are masterfully crafted and set with the rarest and most dazzling of semi-precious gemstones and diamonds to reflect the essence of maritime beauty.

  1. Fawaz Gruosi High Jewellery Collection
  2. Fabio Salini Necklace
  3. Gubelin Grace of the Sea Anemone Cocktail Ring
  4. Chopard Red Carpet Collection
  5. Van Cleef & Arpels Seven Seas Caspiansea Clip Mysterieuses
  6. Van Cleef & Arpels Seven Seas Caspiansea Clip Trois Tortues
  7. Tasaki Eveil Ear Cuff
  8. Annoushka Hidden Reef Cuff
  9. Pomalleto Sabbia Ring
  10. Aurelie Bidermann Necklace
  11. Chanel Bo Precious Float Earrings
  12. Cindy Chao Art Jewel Collection Coral Earrings

Flower Power: Sparkling high-end jewellery inspired by nature

Since time immemorial, humans have been enamoured with all things floral. Embraced as symbols of everything from new life and fertility to passion and romance, their natural beauty has entranced and enchanted at every turn. Small wonder, then, that they are a constant, never-ending source of inspiration behind the timeless creations of countless high-end jewellery brands.

Floral Trend 

In fact, so strong is this floral love affair that many iconic marques have actually adopted their own flower emblems. Take, for instance, Dior and Piaget, who have both selected the rose as their blossom of choice and unveiled entire collections dedicated to the thorny blossom. Elsewhere, there’s Chanel and the camellia, Chaumet and the hydrangea, and so forth.

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Featuring a startling array of colours, shapes and sizes, this nature-inspired leitmotif is flexible to the extreme. Some flower designs are subtle, demure, and perfectly suited for everyday wear. However, the other end of the spectrum accentuates precision jewellery-making at its very finest, using a smorgasbord of precious and semi-precious gemstones and skilled craftsmanship to portray all the inherent beauty of flowers in truly dazzling style.


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Natural Beauty: Gafencu’s top 8 picks of brooches inspired by Mother Nature

Despite technology cocooning all aspects of modern life, Mother Nature is an inevitable presence. Time and again, art has borrowed from nature, with artists singing paeans of praise to all aspects of nature through diverse art forms. Jewellery too has come a long way, from actual elements of nature adorning the human body (think seashell jewellery by Neanderthals) to jewellery designers mimicking natural elements in their designs. 

Here, we’ve put the spotlight on eight such high joaillerie brooches that have captured some of the most striking feats of nature. Elaborate, intricate and exquisitely beautiful, these brooches are only second to nature’s originals.