Tent Tech: Cinch! offers well-pampered, uncramped camping…

Cramped quarters, shared body odours and long, dark treks to the nearest chemical toilet are just the headline unpleasantries that are seen as the true hallmarks of any camping holiday. All that, though, may be about to be consigned to the past thanks to a new line of innovative smart tents all rolled out under the reassuring Cinch! branding.

Cinch! pop up tents offers home tech comforts

Originally launched back in 2009 by Jake Jackson, a UK-based outdoor enthusiast, the line has proved a runaway success. With his initial concept now having undergone four substantial upgrades, each more tech-savvy than the last, this latest generation is said to make good on his promise that camping doesn’t necessarily require you to forsake all of your technological home comforts.

In line with this, each Cinch! tent – when fully-equipped with all the recommended accessories – sees life under canvas given a truly 21st century makeover. LED ceiling lights? Check. Climate control? Check. USB charging capabilities? Check. Better yet, all this electro-connectiveness is powered by the hyper-efficient solar panels lining the tent roof, with 13,000mAh portable battery pack available as a handy back-up.

Cinch! tents can be assembled and packed in less than a minute

Given that these tents can ‘pop-up’ and be dismantled in mere seconds, all of those truly opposed to getting back to nature are going to have to work far harder on their excuses in future.