Bye-bye Bad Hair Days: Our favourite luxury hair styling tools

Hong Kong may be one of the greatest cities in the world, but it’s no secret that our water is far from the top of the freshest drinking pools. The affects of chlorine filled H2O can lead to dry and frizzy hair, breakage, faded locks and colour or the absolute worst – hair loss. Here at Gafencu we are committed to helping you save your pretty curls or sleek straight dos, and so, we have gathered such top hair styling tools on the market as Dyson and T3. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking the healthier hair process ends when you leave the shower, in fact, its just beginning. Water-filters that purify and reduce chlorine, are of course a good start. Next comes finding  a hair towel that minimises the effort and damage of drying your hair, to high-end brushes and combs that promise to strengthen and heal both cuticles and your scalp. The real fun starts with hair dryers, rollers and stylers that ensure quality and protection. 

Some Must-Have Hair Styling Tools

August Movies: Which films to see in HK theatres next month

After a relatively quiet start to the summer, the film industry has finally revved up its engines and looks all set to thrill theatre-goers with a slew of blockbuster releases. From a live-action outing for Disney’s beloved Winnie the Pooh to the much-awaited flick on those Crazy Rich Asians, here are some must-watch August movies.

Christopher Robin


 Winnie the Pooh, that perennial Disney classic, is getting its own live action big screen outing this August. Join the ursine and his friends as they help their own friend Christopher Robin, now entirely grown up and without even the slightest sense of imagination, rediscover the wonder, magic and pure, unadulterated fun side of life.

Release date: 2 August

 Hotel Transylvannia 3: Summer Vacation

Follow the hilarious adventures of Vlad the vampire (voiced by Adam Sandler) and his gang of lovable monster friends as they head for a summer vacation aboard a luxury monster cruise. A perfect blend of romantic intrigue, tongue-in-cheek humour and hidden intentions, this sequel is sure to provide fun and laughs for the whole family.

Release date: 16 August

Crazy Rich Asians

This big screen adaptation of Kelvin Kwan’s bestselling novel follows NYU economics professor Rachel Chu as she flies to Singapore to meet her fiancé’s family for the first time. Unbeknownst to her, he is actually the scion of one of Asia’s wealthiest families, and drama and chaos ensue as she is thrust into the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. 

Release date: 23 August

Mile 22

Mark Wahlberg plays James Silva, a covert operative for a shadowy unit of the CIA who becomes embroiled in a delicate extraction operation of a high-value asset. Expect fast-paced action, thrilling plot twists and no small amount of gunplay in this Peter Berg-directed action film.

Release date: 22 August