Luxury choice: Our top ten Christmas gift ideas for women

One would think buying a gift for a lady would be easier than for a gentleman (click here for Christmas gift ideas for him), but the mind-boggling multitude of choices themselves may make you feel unsure about just where to start! If you’re daunted by the idea of browsing through a hundred different shades of peach lipstick or choosing between a satchel and a sling bag, we’ve narrowed down the potential Christmas gift ideas for women by quite a bit. So fret not and dive straight into our top ten carefully curated luxurious Christmas gift ideas for women, all assured to win her heart.

Of course, to add an extra-personal touch to the joy of gift-giving, you can always opt for the personalised gift boxes from DFS’s Personalization Gift Shop that’s available till 1 January. From personalised holiday ribbons and monogrammed luggage tags to limited-edition patches and monogrammed tote bags, there’s no better way to make your gift stand out in the pile under the Christmas tree.