Impress your guests with these sumptuous Christmas table setting ideas

‘Tis the season to rejoice and celebrate with beloved friends and family, and what better way to do so than to share a festive feast in the comfort and safety of your own home? Besides providing an excuse to gather your loved ones, it serves as the perfect reason to show off your well-honed table setting skills. If you’re at a loss for where to begin, fear not, for the Gafencu team has some top tips to ensure your dinner table is dressed to impress, no matter what its shape or size.

christmas dining table ideas for tablescape gafencu magazine rustic cottage rectangular table

Long rectangular table with a festive cottage setting
The long length of a rectangular table provides a large space for big dinner groups and are perfect for those who enjoy their decorations down to every detail. Impress guests with a winter wonderland theme with a floral-lace tablecloth styled with rustic accents such as acorns, wicker placemats or a wooden centrepiece, like the Firewood Crackle wreath from Van der Bloom. A finish touch to add to the woody undertone is loosely folding in a cinnamon stick with a serviette and twine for every plate. 
The perfect winter-wonderland colour combinations: White, brown & peach or baby blue

christmas dining table ideas for tablescape gafencu magazine simply elegant round table
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Simply elegant round table setting
Round tables are a little tricker to tablescape given its shape. It’s best to avoid large centerpieces as they make conversations across the table awkward. In this case, keeping it simple really creates maximum impact. Pour your creativity into selecting the perfect tableware instead. Patterned plates are sure to make an impression here like, Gucci’s Herbarium dinner plate.
Centerpiece for a round table: A tall centrepiece adds dimension to the small structure but is advisable to keep it narrow while wide centrepieces are better short and round to fit the shape of the table better. 

christmas dining table ideas for tablescape gafencu magazine warm square table
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Warm Christmas square table setting
A square table can either make or break the impact of a luxurious table setting display, but don’t be afraid to break a few rules  as this type of table can be versatile to style. Whether you opt for a tall, attention-grabbing centrepiece, or intersperse the surface with decorative patterns like those featured on the Bernardaud and Artedona tablewares, a nice finishing touch is to lay out elegantly-tied white-and-red striped ribbons around the table napkins of each guest’s plate for a sweet candy cane touch. 
Other festive decorations can include: Christmas flower centrepieces and gold coated utensils or white candles in a see-through glass will bring a warm and festive ambiance to the table.

christmas dining table ideas for tablescape gafencu magazine oval table
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Christmas garland oval table setting
Boasting the perfect combination of an elongated shape and circular curves, oval tables are ideal for Christmas feasts. For a truly festive presentation, replacing a table runner with an arrangement of dark and light shades of green leaves or herbs to act as garlands can’t go wrong. Add holly fruits or pomegranates as Christmas ball ornaments to further enliven the dining table. The warm hues and strong colour contrast can be perfectly matched with cooler toned tableware such as the floral Voile Plate in white from Franc Franc or the Anthemion blue plate from Wedgewood. 
Festive colour combinations: Green, red, white and gold. 


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