Christmas Bling: Luxurious decor to make your holidays extra special

Inspired to make a statement this Christmas? The holidays are a few weeks away but now is the time to take stock of all your trimmings and decor needs… Exclusive baubles, a fancy wreath, designer candle stands or more playful accessories – out with the old and in with the ultra-luxe options for a glam season ahead…

Home for holidays_ Curate a cracking Christmas with these festive home decorations indigo living christmas tree
(Photo courtesy of Indigo Living)

No December can be complete without that focal point in the living room of every family that celebrates Christmas – the tree. Although the city does not grow its own festive foliage, whether you’re browsing for a classic pine tree, a Douglas fir or its minimalist Noble cousin, there’s a wealth of choice out there to serve any size and style of household. Check out our detailed guide to buying a Christmas tree in Hong Kong.

Indigo Living Christmas Collection 2021

Home for holidays_ Curate a cracking Christmas with these festive home decorations indigo living christmas wreath
(Photo courtesy of Indigo Living)

Once your tree is all set up, it’s time for the  festive adornments of ornaments, decorations and seasonal foliage. Indigo Living meticulously curates a wide range of decorations, such as classic baubles, candle rings and wreaths (HK$130 to HK$500).The company has launched two exclusive Christmas collections that capture the nostalgia of those magical Christmases of our youth. Gold, green, red, white and silver hues exude a more traditional yet bold vibe in the Christmas Glamour range, while the Snowfall Serenity line takes a more pared-back approach with rustic and neutral tones for a warmer, moodier feel.

Rosewood Holiday Edit

(Photo courtesy of Rosewood Hong Kong)

The gift edit at Rosewood, one of Hong Kong’s top hotels, never fails to impress. This year, the hotel has set-up a cosy wooden chalet right at the entrance which will not only spoil you for decorating and gifting choices but also bring back memories of a magical, white English Christmas. Specialities from the delectable Butterfly Patisserie, exclusive fresh wreaths (HK$1,988 onwards), coveted baubles, dog collars (HK$488) for a paw-feet Christmas, unique creations from Bloom and Blossoms, plus a sprinkling of other awe-inspiring items can be bought here. The pop-up serves till the 26 December and will have Santa climb through the chimneys to meet and greet guests on the “nice” list on 24 and 25 December… Did someone say it’s beginning to look like a fun Christmas?

Gossens Coral Candlestick Holder, Lane Crawford

Home for holidays_ Curate a cracking Christmas with these festive home decorations gossens coral candlestick holder lane crawford

For an even more sumptuous touch to your festive decor at home, a stroll through Lane Crawford might be just the trip you need for all your yultide preparations, from a honeysuckle candlestick by Loewe to tableware by Baccarat to Shishi tree ornaments, The golden luxe Coral Candlestick holder (HK$7,800) from Gossens is also a standout. Plated with 24k gold on brass, it is an elegant presentation that reflects the maison’s mastery in gold-smithery, inspiring a Baroque-inspired aesthetic. 

Shishi Metal Ginko Leaf Garland, Lane Crawford

Home for holidays Curate a cracking Christmas with these decorations shishi garland
(Photo courtesy of Lane Crawford)

To complement a luxe golden Christmas, Shishi’s Small ConeGinko Leaf and Mini Star garlands (HK$230-$460) are an uplifting choice to channel the holiday spirit. These décor items add a cracking, timeless appeal to the dinner table or enhance the wintery vibe wherever they’ve placed.

(Photo courtesy of MFK)

Maison Francis Kurkdijan Festive Scented Candles 

Complete the ambiance of your homely abode with an olfactory element that will inspire the senses with classic and modern festive scents for the home, courtesy of French perfumery Maison Francis Kurkdijian. Launching its set of three scented candles (HK$900), each one is long-lasting and transports you to the sweet, warm and joyous memories of funfairs and Christmas markets, toffee apples and ginger bread, and peaceful walks in the forest. Free, christmassy and delicate, the collection serves as the perfect touch to elevate the festive ambiance at your home or even for gift purposes. The exquisite candles can be bought at the maison’s ‘Holiday Pop-up’ at Lane Crawford, Times Square till December 22. 

The Lion Rock Press Christmas Glass Bauble Set

Home for holidays_ Curate a cracking Christmas with these festive home decorations the lion rock christmas glass bauble
(Photo courtesy of The Lion Rock)

For Hong Kong-inspired festive embellishments look no further than stationery and gift specialist The Lion Rock Press. Their hand-painted Christmas glass baubles honour the ancient Chinese painting technique of nei hua, otherwise known as ‘inside bottle painting’. Each white-and-blue piece (HK$220) is an illustrative interpretation of a starry Christmas in Hong Kong and an ode to the artisanal craftsmen of yesteryear. 


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Evergreen Feelings: this season’s best Christmas tree ornaments

According to psychologists, families who put up their Christmas decorations early are generally happier than their counterparts who hold off until the last minute, and here at Gafencu, we don’t need to be told to be jolly twice. With the festive season mere weeks away, we’re setting out to embrace the holiday spirit in full by sharing our recommendations for the season’s most darling Christmas tree ornaments, alongside a complimentary history lesson of the beloved holiday tradition. 

Most know that bringing home and decorating an Evergreen tree is a cherished holiday tradition, but where exactly did this long-held custom originate from? While the roots of today’s modern Christmas tree can be traced to Northern Europe thousands of years ago, the first documented use of such foliage for the festive season dates back to the 15th-16th century in Estonia and Latvia. A few decades later in medieval Livonia and early-Modern Germany, the custom of decorating trees in their homes was started by local Protestants. Fast forward to today, and families the world over have adopted the practice, including our very own Hong Kong.

In the 19th century, upper class families in the Western World began to partake in the tradition too, sprucing up their Christmas trees with ribbons, ornaments, tinsel, and sweets. In modern times, Christmas trees are a staple of many a household’s living room, decorated not only with heirloom ornaments from the past but with contemporary decor such as peppermint candy-canes and string lights.

With such a wide assortment of ornaments and decorations to choose from, we’ve put together our list of the prettiest items to hang from your Christmas tree.


Text: Bailey Atkinson

Christmas party décor: Easy-peasy DIY tips to jazz up your house party this festive season


Christmas parties are fun to plan, but they come with their share of worries. While seasoned hosts and hostesses may be splitting hair about what to do differently this year, first-time party planners may be fretting over the finer details.

But whether you’re a novice or an expert at throwing parties, there’s one thing everyone will agree on: the best parties are the ones with a personal touch!

So unleash your inner artist and let your imagination run wild this Christmas. Anything from a paper cup to a Totoro soft toy can be an inspiration. We visited artist and socialite Monica Mok’s three-storied plush pad in Deep Water Bay to get ideas for Christmas party décor and were blown away by her creativity in turning everyday knickknacks into festive accessories. Check out some of the easy DIY tips that she shared with us.

Photos: Gigi Ip

It’s a bubble world at Lee Gardens this Christmas


Lee Gardens is all geared up for Christmas with its first-ever personalised Christmas Love Baubles event. As part of the ‘All Is Joyful, All Is Bright’ theme, hundreds of shiny, personalised Christmas bubbles have been hung up across three locations at Hysan Place and Lee Theatre.

Add to that the Christmas lodge-style stalls and affordable gift items ideal for Christmas, and you have reason for a month-long celebration! Running from 24 November 2017 to 2 January 2018, Lee Gardens Christmas Handicraft Fair will also have 3D image projections where guests can take their pictures and have them projected on giant columns.

The medley of stalls and booths selling fun, quirky gifts and delectable dishes add their own charm to the Christmas cheer. Our personal recommendation for a nice gift would be the preserved flower bottles and floral lamps from Amen Florist & Décor and a large cookie box from Sharon Chan’s Blesscuit Bakery. Those with sweet tooth should not miss the honey sausages from Hexapi Honey and the limited-edition éclairs from La Mer, the new French restaurant by musician Mark Lui.