Advent Calendars: The best way to make the wait more exciting


December is a month full of anticipation for the joy and festiveness of Christmas, with eager would-be celebrants eagerly awaiting the Big Day every year. Fortunately, the creation of advent calendars has made even the waiting a celebration, warding off boredom in the interlude between. They are filled with surprising gifts that one can open each day leading up to X’mas. Additionally, they come in different sizes and packed with a variety of tiny surprises to suit everyone’s likes and preferences.

Be it skincare products from beloved brands like L’Occitane or The Body Shop, or make-up and cosmetics from luxury labels such as Giorgio Armani or Yves Saint Laurent, advent calendars are sure to impress and pamper anyone. To help speed up the countdown to Christmas Day, we have put together some of the best and most luxurious advent calendars for you to enjoy.