Must-try Christmas cocktail recipes for the holidays

Move over champagne, nothing announces festive bonhomie like an on-point glass of Christmas cocktails.

Whether you jazz up a well-loved classic like mulled wine with the finest seasonal embellishments or go all out with a brand-new recipe like a green apple, basil Prosecco smash, Hong Kong’s five top bars share their most popular winter cocktail recipes so you can whip them in the comfort of your home. Make sure your Christmas party is a cut above the lukewarm glass of bubbly, and you are pouring the most impressive drinks this yuletide…

Mulled Gin and Tonic
As winter snaps its heels, gin-and-tonic season loses its fizzy perfection, but Artesian at the Langham Hotel, one of the highest-rated cocktail bars in the world, has a satisfyingly fitting twist on the classic drink to warm your vitals. Full-bodied, remarkably easy, gorgeously warming – infused with apple juices and aromatic spices, the winter tipple is perfect for Christmas parties – outside or in

Mulled Gin & Tonic per glass
120 ml mulled apple juice
30 ml Gin (Normindia gin from Calvados, France is perfect for the recipe, uses apples and cinnamon as botanicals in the making process)
1 teaspoon tonic syrup


First up, infuse apple juice with all the winter spices. Begin by crushing the cinnamon stick, poke cloves into the orange, tap the allspice berries and add gradually heat all ingredients. Turn off the heat when it starts to simmer. Infuse for at least an hour before you strain and decant into a screw top bottle.

Now grab a heatproof glass and mix the hot mulled apple juice with the gin and tonic syrup. Garnish with an orange slice, star anise, and cinnamon stick, best enjoyed with a gingerbread on the side. 













Spiced-Up Egg Nog

Rich, silky, delicious – a spiced-up eggnog is a blue chip recipe that never goes out of style. When brimming with booze, the nostalgic concoction of egg-milk-cream-sugar is a hit at festive soirees. Rather than going for a basic recipe, mixologists at Ozone, the highest rooftop bar in the world are encouraging you to try more elevated renditions of the creamy beverage.

45 ml Diplomatico rum sous-vide Tonka Beans
15 ml Oolong Tea Spiced Reduction (Oolong tea, nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise, vanilla pod, cardamom, orange peels)
1  Eggyolk
15ml Crème de cacao
45ml cream

Prepare the Oolong tea spiced reduction on low heat, cooking for 30-minutes in advance. In a large mixing bowl, beat the yolk and sugar until combined. Add rum, Crème de cacao, cream and Oolong tea reduction, and let it cool before storing in the fridge. Ladle into tall glasses, garnish with nutmeg and chocolate powder.












Christmas Kiss
Glamourous skyline and panoramic harbour views can be enjoyed at Hong Kong’s Aqua, one of the most trendy bar and hangout lounges in the city. Located on the top floor of H Zentra, TST, mixologist’s at this hip bar are whipping all kinds of delish cocktails to make your heart grow three sizes! Their Christmas Kiss is a seasonal delight, a relatively simple drink to DIY for your home party will surely make everyone feel festive!

50ml Hennessy V.S.O.P
1 whole egg
10ml Cardamom syrup
Grated nutmeg and cranberries for garnishing
Add Hennessy VSOP, cardamom syrup and whole egg to shaking tin and dry shake (i.e. shaking with no ice) – dry shaking ensures that the egg white combines with the other ingredients, resulting in a nice, frothy texture
Add ice and shake again
Double-strain into glass
Grate nutmeg on top to finish and garnish with cranberries 









Gingerbread Martini
Warm and fuzzy, this martini is a fragrant blend of winter spices – creamy, spicy, not overtly sweet drink smells like Christmas morning… Mixologists at the Island Shangri La use luxurious seasonal ingredients to bring to life unusual and strong flavours of ginger and ginger bread with the delicate notes of rose, but it works so well together– especially when there’s a kick of Vodka!

60ml Absolut elyx vodka, 
Gingerbread syrup  ½ tea spoon ground cinnamon
20ml lemon juice
Ginger to taste

Slow cook the vodka with fresh ginger and gingerbread syrup for two hours at 65 degrees. Mix all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, add some ice cubes, garnish with powdered sugar on top.









Chocolate and Gold Delight
Famous for its mulled gin, caramel, and fermented apple cocktails at this time of the year, The Dispensary , a stylish bar located in the heart of Tai Kwun, celebrates Hong Kong’s colonial past with British-inspire cocktails and pays an ode to the local culture with Chinese-inspired drinks using teas and herbs. It’s Chocolate and Gold delight is a sure-shot winner of a party drink; the decadently brushed gold and salted caramel will elevate your home party by a few notches!


45ml Tanqueray gin
20ml Chinese five-spices syrup
3 slices caramalized apple
Topped up with Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne
Garnish: Star anise


Melt the chocolate with gold powder and bring an arty touch by brushing the glass with melted chocolate mixed with 

  1. Brush glass with melted chocolate mixed with gold powder
  2. Gently muddle caramelized apple in shaking tin
  3. Add Tanqueray gin, the Chinese five-spice syrup and ice to shaking tin and shake.
  4. Double-strain into glass
  5. Top up with VCP champagne and garnish with star anise.

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(Text: Nikita Mishra)