Outdoor Perfection: Unveiling The Top Outdoor Umbrella Brands for Your Patio Bliss

Given the unpredictable weather conditions in Hong Kong, it can be easy to be caught off guard especially if you are someone who enjoys chilling in the outdoors. To make the best out of your time on your patio or garden, you not only need an umbrella that is beautiful but also functional, providing cool shade on sunny days and shelter from the rain.

That’s why we’ve done the research, and have compiled a list of the top outdoor umbrella brands to help you make an informed decision and enhance your outdoor oasis. Whether you want to stay protected from the intense summer sun or unexpected showers, our expertly curated list of the best outdoor umbrella brands will have you covered all year round.


Image Credits: © 2023 Manutti, Photography: Isaac Ichou and Luc Roymans

Taking design inspiration from different beautiful sceneries from nature, Manutti is a luxury outdoor furniture brand that combines craftsmanship with innovative mechanisms to create its products, including outdoor umbrellas, that look minimalistic but rank high in functionality. Currently, Manutti offers two umbrella collections – the centra which is 180cm in width and breadth, and the centra max which goes up to 350cm.

The umbrellas from this brand are typically in lighter shades like beige white and taupe thus ensuring that they do not absorb too much heat. But, if you prefer warm surroundings, there are black-coloured ones that are scientifically proven to absorb heat. Even the choice of materials for the frames, which includes aluminium and teak wood, is super practical and best suited for the outdoors. Both materials are long-lasting as they are least prone to being damaged by light or heat.

Where to buy: Lift Lifestyle Int. Ltd, Unit B, 2F Cheung Hing Ind Bldg, 12P Smithfield
Kennedy Town

Royal Botania

Imagine the bliss of vacationing at a top-class resort and that is the exact comfort and extravagance Royal Botania tries to bring to your home through its outdoor furniture and accessories like parasols, sun loungers, hammocks and more. With the brand selling parasols that range from 220cm to 450cm, these parasols offer sufficient shade and protection, thus allowing you to wind back and relax in your patio or garden without worrying about the sun or rain.

When it comes to the designs, Royal Botania produces four umbrella collections which are namely Bloom, Oazz, Palma and Shady. They are all equipped with an automatic opening system and are complete with wooden or stainless steel frames and poles or a combination of both. There are both squared and rounded versions available in a wide range of colours making it easy for you to pick something that matches your outdoor decoration and colour palette.

Where to buy: Design & Distribution Link, 17/F, Unit 02-03, 88 Hing Fat St, Causeway Bay

Blume Living

Blume Living is yet another outdoor furniture brand that has an amazing selection of outdoor umbrellas that come in different colours, shapes and sizes. Despite all these variations, all the parasols from this brand are either centre-pole umbrellas or cantilever parasols. While umbrellas with centre poles are better suited with sun loungers or tanning beds, the latter which is also known as hanging umbrellas are perfect over tables and chairs as they have the pole on the side that makes it convenient for placing over without any disruption.

Moreover, the deluxe umbrellas from this brand are more long-lasting as they ideally withstand strong winds and sunlight. To add to it, each rib of the umbrella can be replaced which means that if there happens to be damage on one of the ribs, all you need to do is replace it instead of buying a new umbrella.

Where to buy: 4B, Harvest Building, 29-35 Wing Kut St, Central


Umbrosa is known to exclusively make products like parasols and shade sails that are created to provide shade in the outdoors. As a result, its parasols are one of the best you will find with the brand having a range of parasol options including ones with centre poles, ones that can be mounted on a wall and then there are the cantilever parasols too.

Umbrosa’s umbrellas stand out due to their sleek and stylishly designed canopies that are available in both neutral and bright colours letting you find the perfect umbrella to match your outdoor colour scheme. Additionally, Umbrosa also allows for customisation options making it feasible for your to pick the right shape, size, colour and support system for your canopy.

Where to buy: Zzue Creation, Shop 705-6, Horizon Plaza, 26/F., Shop 2612-17 & 7/F, 2 Lee Wing St, Ap Lei Chau