The Single Malt Scotch Whisky Brand Mortlach has put forth a multi-sensory experience titled “The Midnight Secrets” at K11 Musea from now until 14th March.


The first stop to “The Midnight Secrets” is located in Gold Ball, 2/F of K11 Musea. With the name Layer upon Layer, this piece of digital art is created by K11 Art Foundation artist, Jiayu Liu. Each pixel and particle from the sand bed to the waves is derived from real-time environmental data and geographic coordinates of the banks of the River Spey in Speyside, Scotland, to transport discoverers to the turbulent waves that hold the magic and mysteries of Mortlach, divulging the intricate details of the 2.81 distillation process created by the first legal distillery in the town of Dufftown. Viewers will be introduced to the brand’s history and its unique distillation method named “The Way”. They will also be invited to reveal their midnight inner beast amid the River Spey with the AR Instagram Filter at the entrance of Gold Ball.


Next is the Mortlach Pop–Up Bar located on the fifth floor which is designed to prime taste buds for the darkest hours of the night. Each discerning discoverer will receive a dram of the 12-year-old Mortlach Single Malt whisky for tasting, unleashing its beastly and bold flavour upon the first sip. 

For the final stop, Mortlach has partnered with Artisan Lounge with an exclusive Mortlach 2.81 Cocktail Pairing Menu. Discoverers will be invited to try 2.81 pieces of savoury or sweet canapés, harmoniously paired with a Mortlach cocktail inspired by the dead of the night (valued at HKD268/person or redeemable with the purchase of any single bottle of Mortlach at the Liquid Gold on 5/F of K11 Musea). 

The sweet and savoury choices exclusively available for purchase during the exhibition period include: 

The Wee Witche’s Perfume cocktail, a secret 2.81 alchemy formula from the Wee Witchie, releases the tempting fragrance of fresh citrus and blossoming flowers and pairs beautifully with the Mandarin Mousse Balls.


The Beast’s Throne cocktail, a spicy twist on an Old Fashioned with notes of ginger and wood, reminiscent of the boldness and strength of the Dufftown Beast and complements the Caviar Toast Bites perfectly.

Visitors who want to enjoy the meaty flavours of Mortlach at home can purchase any bottle of Mortlach at Liquid Gold located on the fifth floor of K11 Musea and redeem a 2.81 canape set at Artisan Lounge for free, exclusively during the exhibition period.

Registration is now open. Limited spots available.

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