Camus Borderies XO Family Reserve review: A tribute to the beautiful Borderies cru

Iconic cognac-maker, House of Camus, has recently launched the new Borderies XO Family Reserve across five cities globally – and Hong Kong takes place of pride among them. To celebrate the occasion, Camus recently hosted a tasting at Pierre in Mandarin Oriental.

Cellar master Patrick Léger tastes the Camus Borderies XO Family Reserve

To understand the full nuances of this particular cognac, however, one has to go as far back as 1863, when the Camus family built their home in the middle of the Cognac region in a vineyard that boasts the most concentration of Borderies cru. This most-sought-after of vines is among the oldest and smallest cru in Cognac, representing less than 5% of total AOC. Not only are they rare, but they are also the most aromatic – thanks to the unique combination of limestone, clay and flint – making Borderies the key ingredient in any blend worth its name. It is on this exceptional land that the Camus family has carried on the legacy of great cognac crafting across five generations.

The new Borderies XO Family Reserve can be seen as a culmination of this rich heritage that has been passed down in the Camus family from generation to generation. Talking about the complexities of the Borderies XO Family Reserve, cellar master Patrick Léger says: “It was a real technical challenge. At every step of the process, each eau-de-vie was fermented, distilled, and aged separately. Some were more mineral while others were rounder, smoother, or more floral. The non- negotiable goal was to preserve the typical features of each eau-de-vie to the greatest extent possible in order to achieve the purest incarnation of the Borderies.”

Camus Borderies XO Family Reserve is best tasted in tulip-shaped glasses

Tasting Notes
Nose: Rich and complex aromas with a perfect balance of floral and fruity, with a hint of vanilla
Palate: Powerful, rich and creamy, revealing an aroma of pastry and subtle spicy notes
Finish: Floral, with violet notes

Price: HK$2,300
Retailers: Wai Shing Wine & Spirits, Wine ‘n’ Things, Kee Hueng Wine Cellar

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay