Elevate Your Skills with the Most In-Demand Online Courses

For those of you who are looking to broaden your horizons, learn new skills, or enhance your knowledge, online learning is undoubtedly a powerful tool that can expand your opportunities and transform your future. With an abundance of educational resources available on the internet, even offered by top universities, it can be challenging to determine which courses are worth your attention. That is why, we’ve handpicked the best online courses that offer top-quality educational experiences. Whether you’re seeking to advance your career or develop your creativity, we’ve curated a list of courses that cater to different interests. Continue reading to check them out.

Business Analysis

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Whether you are determined to start your own business or going to take over your family’s, taking online courses in business analysis can be very useful for you. This course will teach you to make informed and well-calculated decisions for your brand or company based on data. In other words, you will gain knowledge in breaking down different aspects of your business and creating visual data to identify weak points so that you can make improvements.

Best Business Analyst Course: Harvard Business Analytics Programme

Taught by professors from the prestigious Ivy League school, the Harvard Business Analytics Programme is certainly one of the best in the field because you will be trained in both the analytical and application aspects, thus learning not only to map out data but using the results to escalate your company’s profits too. Moreover, this particular course also prepares you to excel in a technology-forward world as the course will include modules on blockchain, artificial intelligence and more.

Cost: US$51,500 (HK$402,000)
Duration: 9 months
Weekly Commitment: 10 to 20 hours
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Artificial Intelligence

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With ongoing conversations and fear about which occupations will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, there is one surefire way to take advantage of AI, especially with more companies trying to implement AI to improve the efficiency of their work. It is signing up for online courses that teach you to create AI programmes that will aid people in performing their daily tasks. Besides, AI is not just used in office spaces, it is also being used in other sectors such as banking, transportation and more.

Best Artificial Intelligence Course: AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization by IBM

Perfect for people who have a new-found curiosity in artificial intelligence but have no background in IT (Information Technology) or coding, this course offered by IBM teaches all the basics you will need to know. The activity-based programme is divided into three parts – introduction to AI, understanding the AI platform IBM Watson AI and creating AI programmes – that allow you to develop a chatbot using the IBM Watson AI.

Cost: US$137 (HK$1070) for an annual subscription
Duration: 3 months
Weekly Commitment: 2 hours
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Music Instrument

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If you are someone who is passionate about music and has wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, then you can join a course to check that off your wish list. You can learn to play the guitar, an ukulele, a flute, a piano or any instrument of choice and it doesn’t matter whether you will be producing music for your very own entertainment or you will be selling your compositions and making money out of it.

Best Music Instrument Course: MasterClass

MasterClass is a coveted online learning platform that prides itself on offering online courses that are taught by industry experts and so will be the case if you plan to learn music on this website. Some of the music classes that MasterClass has to offer include vocal training with Mariah Carey, songwriting with John Legend, ukulele with Jake Shimabukuro, electric guitar with Tom Morello, and many more with leading artists as your teacher.

Cost: US$120 (HK$940) for an annual subscription
Duration: anywhere between 2 to 10 hours
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For those creative minds who have an interesting story that they wish to turn into a movie or series, or dream to join the writing team of a television network, you should take a screenwriting course. Taking a course in screenwriting will teach you to write a script that will allow any reader to envision a story based on dialogues and descriptions. Simultaneously, a screenwriting course will also prepare you to write full-fledged scripts in a limited time period because once you start writing professionally, you will have to meet tight deadlines.

Best Screenwriting Course: Writing a TV Series and Screenwriting for Films by AFTRS

The Australian Film Television and Radio School trains people who would like to work in the entertainment industry, particularly those who want to work behind the scenes. As a result, it offers a range of courses, including ones that will give you an insight into screenwriting and have you ready to write your own script. Based on whether you want to write for a movie or TV show, you can pick the right option and learn how to develop different characters and multiple storylines in a single script.

Cost: AU$1400 (HK$7400)
Duration: 10 weeks

Weekly Commitment: 2 hours
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Social Media Marketing

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Though anyone can create a social media account, not everyone can make a full-fledged career out of it. Imagine being able to post a single photo on your Instagram page and earning thousands of dollars for it. That would be possible if you understand social media marketing and learn how to get the best out of your social media posts by increasing your reach and engagement on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Meta and others.

Best Social Media Marketing Course: Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

What better place to learn about social media than from Meta itself which runs Facebook and Instagram. Through this course, you will familiarise yourself with maximising the potential of your profile so that you can drive more traffic to your page and posts. Simultaneously, you will also learn how to create ad campaigns that will help you get the results of your expectations.

Cost: US$59 (HK$460) for a monthly subscription
Duration: 4 months
Weekly Commitment: 3 hours
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