Into the wild: 10 animal-inspired jewellery pieces

10 animal-inspired jewellery pieces

Jewellers have long been inspired by wild animals when creating unique designs. In more recent years, however, the trend has grown rapidly, witnessing everything from beautifully embellished swan earrings to statement-making lion necklaces.

The movement has seen luxury brands add special animal-inspired collections to their display windows, with some even adopting a signature icon. For example, Cartier, uses the panther as a symbol of strength and playfulness while the iconic serpent in Bulgari’s Serpenti collection represents transformation, vitality and seduction.

Recalling designs from the Art Deco era, animal lovers can revel in choosing a jewellery piece which matches their personality and spirituality. From the seductive serpent to the dainty butterfly, these incredibly intricate pieces will not only add a unique touch of style to your ensemble but are guaranteed conversation starters.

So if you are looking to take a break from traditional jewellery pieces, listen to your animal instinct and tap into your wild side with our roundup of animal-inspired jewellery pieces.


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