Playlists that can help you fall asleep in 10 minutes – the connection between sleep and music

Some people are fortunate enough to doze off in a few minutes as soon as they lay down on their bed, but some people tend to turn around for hours before possibly falling asleep. Whether you fall under the first category or the latter one, it is proven that individuals have better productivity when they have got a good night’s sleep the previous day. So it is only logical to find a way to fall asleep easily thus helping you get the required amount of rest and feel refreshed the next day.

sleep music

Music happens to be one scientifically ascertained solution for it. If you think of it, singing lullabies to make children fall asleep is a trusted age-old practice followed in almost every part of the world. As it turns out, relaxing sounds can also benefit adults. Different sets of studies showed that when grown-ups were exposed to calming music before sleeping, they had better sleep efficiency.

According to somnologists, certain kinds of music for sleeping have an effect on a person’s nervous system and heart rate, eventually making the brain and body relaxed enough to have good sleep. To discover what sounds would work best for you, it is better to understand the different types.

sleep music

White Noise

White noise is a combination of different frequencies of noises put together in equal parts. Certain examples include the static noise heard from a television or the sound that comes from a running fan. Given that white noise consists of thousands of different audible sounds, the human brain tends to collectively ignore all sounds thus putting our mind in a more relaxed state and helping us fall asleep.

Pink Noise

Pink noise also contains different frequencies of sound, however, as it progresses, its volume decrease gradually. Generally, pink noises start with a low pitch and high volume, and every time the pitch increases by a hertz, the volume is lowered by three decibels. Some examples include waterfalls, rain, river and even traffic. This kind of noise facilitates sleep by covering up other sounds that can disturb sleep.

Brown Noise

Imagine the sound of the wind, this low-frequency sound that is constant throughout is referred to as brown noise. This particular type of sleep music gained some attention on social media recently for doing miracles in helping individuals sleep easily or even focus better. Similar to pink and white noise, brown noise also functions by masking other external sounds that can impact your sleep.

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