Pride Burning: Rounding up some of the most colourful pieces of jewellery for you to wear during Pride Month and beyond

Chopard Necklace

Chopard Necklace
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Pride and fashion, in this case, jewellery, go hand-in-hand like no other. Pride month is a time to showcase self-expression and freedom and what better way to do that than with these latest collections from the top jewellery houses like Tiffany and Co., Cartier and Faberge. This year, many brands that specialize in jewellery and accessories came out with beautiful Pride collections that range from subtle and classy to fun and totally out there. Truly, there’s definitely something for everyone’s sense of style and there’s no better time to shop for rainbow jewellery that will give all outfits a nice pop of colour. Also included are gems which are blessed with one or two of the colours from the celebrated flag and icon. Above are some designers who are showing their pride this month and supporting LGBTQ+ communities. Celebrate Pride this month and all year long!

Indulge in flights of fancy with new bejewelled brooches by Mabros

Hong Kong’s homegrown jewellery brand Mabros has come a long way since 1949 when Lee Heng Group began importing quality diamonds to Hong kong as a diamond wholesaler. Since the group opened its first jewellery boutique in Central with a new brand name, Mabros, there’s been no looking back.

Over time, the Hong Kong-based jewellery house has become synonymous with exquisite timepieces and fine diamond jewellery crafted painstakingly by hand over weeks and even months. The result is a fine balance of design and craftsmanship. In its latest Bird Brooch collection, the haute joaillerie house has brought together an array of precious stones, from diamonds and sapphires to rubies and tsavorites to create a colourful canvas that would bring just the right touch of luxury to any attire. From quirky toucans to romantic love birds, there’s a Mabros for every occasion. Check out the collection here.

A Touch of Clasp: The bejewelled brooch is back in a big way…

While, for many, the word “brooch” conjures up a rightly-lost world of coy maiden aunts with the most vanilla of embellishments pinned in one corner of a bosom-banishing blouse, this most uncouture of clothing clasps is no longer on its last gasp. Indeed, it has now become something of a badge of honour among the more fashion forward….

Whether set with diamonds or decked with sapphires, the brooch is the jewellery du jour
Whether set with diamonds or decked with sapphires, the brooch is the jewellery du jour

Actress Uma Thurman, for one, was spotted wearing a fine 1948 Cartier diamond peacock specimen at a recent ball, while the Spring/Summer 2018 runways have been awash with Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton variants of this increasingly in-vogue costume adornment. Indeed, whether pinned to a parting, nestling along the neckline or used to judiciously jazz up a jacket, brooches are clearly the jewellery du jour.

It’s an odd turnabout for an item that was initially prized more for its utility than for its aesthetic qualities. Back in the Early Bronze Age for instance, it was an essential asset when it came to locking a loose loincloth in place or reducing the potential for embonpoint embarrassment.

In contemporary couture, though, a time when cold-proofing a codpiece is no longer a priority for many designers, the once-humble brooch has taken its rightful place in the premier league of personal adornments. Let’s now pin our hopes on it staying that way.

Text: Hira Desai