Where to eat in Kennedy Town? The Best Gastronomy in the area

Kennedy Town is a happening place with both locals and foreigners residing in the area, so it is not surprising that you can stumble upon a restaurant on almost every street in the area, and it goes without saying that there are so many different cuisines to pick from. To make things simple for your next dinner outing, we have put together the best restaurants in Kennedy Town.

Dough Bros

best restaurants Kennedy Town

Almost every foodie in Hong Kong will pick Dough Bros as the restaurant to go to if you are looking for tasty and freshly baked pizzas. Made right after you order, the pizzas which are straight out of the oven, first impress your olfactory senses with the flavours of the sauces and the smell of the warm dough hitting your nose. The best part, each pizza comes with a dipping sauce so every bite of the pizza – even the crusts – taste heavenly until the last bite. If you are a sweet tooth you may want to opt for one of their doughnuts that are loaded with cream fillings. More details are here

Sheung Hei

best restaurants Kennedy Town

What are the tell-tale signs that an eatery serves the best food? It has people queuing in front of it. Cantonese restaurant Sheung Hei falls under this category too with locals and sometimes foreigners seen waiting to dine at the spot. Most people come here to try Sheung Hei’s Michelin-recommended Claypot rice which is cooked with a charcoal stove that gives the dish its unique smoky flavour. The other delicacies to try here are the Pan-Fried Prawns with Soy Sauce, the Peking Ribs and more.

Clay Oven

best restaurants Kennedy Town

Clay Oven gives the vibes of a traditional home in India with its predominantly brown-coloured interior decorated with indo-style paintings. Even the serving vessels mimic the silverware seen in the subcontinent. Much like getting the set up to the point, Clay Oven also delivers diverse flavours from India through its foods. There are a variety of popularly-loved delicacies like biriyanis, tikkas and many more. P.S.: When ordering, remember to inform your spice level. More details are here


best restaurants Kennedy Town

With a confined and cosy setting, Smash’d is a resto-bar that is particularly known for its burgers which are made with organic beef, but of course, their other dishes are as great too, and so is their service. The staff think way ahead of you and provide you with anything you will definitely want during your meal. Ordered a wings platter? They will give you a cup full of tissues and a sanitised wet wipe. Also, their regularly-ordered and loved dish is the Classic Smash’d Cheese Burger. If you like blue cheese, you may want to try Le Fromage Burger. More details are here.


best restaurants Kennedy Town

Shoreditch is always buzzing with crowds with both locals and ex-pats coming here for the lively atmosphere and the mouth-watering food. In order to give this award-winning modern British restaurant its authenticity, its chef, Eddie, went to the top restaurants in the UK to bring to Hong Kong, the best dishes served there. Some of the commonly-appreciated foods at this resto-bar are its Tomahawk steak and selection of traditional roasts that are only available during lunchtime. More details are here.

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Blend & Grind

best restaurants Kennedy Town

Initially opened by fitness enthusiast Jonny Rees as a smoothie spot, especially for athletes and health buffs, Blend & Grind has now extended its business menu-wise and geographically. Today, their menu provides you with a wide range of options in terms of food and drinks. Blend & Grind is particularly talked about for its variety of Espresso martinis. Moreover, the eatery also has a pet-friendly space in the front for pet owners who want their pawed children near them. More details are here.


best restaurants Kennedy Town

A restaurant that will make you feel like you are eating in Manhattan, Alvy’s has quite a rustic vibe to it and serves the best range of craft beers and pizzas in the town. A perfect diner for large groups, Alvy’s boasts more than 20 bourbon varieties and 14 different craft beers on tap. So, if you are looking for a place to go for drinks and dinner with friends, then this ought to be your first pick. More details are here.

Pici Pasta Bar

best restaurants Kennedy Town

For all those Pasta fans out there, Pici is a literal haven given their varying kinds of pasta that are all equally amazing. Their food dominates in terms of quality because they use fresh portions of pasta that are handmade every day. For that authentic Italian experience, it is recommended that you pair your pasta with a glass of wine. Their menu changes on a monthly basis, and there is even a special Easter menu that will be served from April 5 to 10, 2023. More details are here.

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