Fuze: The world’s thinnest smartcard is the perfect all-in-one solution

If you thought the Octopus was convenient, wait till you get a load of this. BrilliantTS, a California-based company, just developed the world’s thinnest all-in-one smartcard. Essentially, it lets you lighten your wallet by packing all your plastic – or at least your credit, debit, membership and gift cards – into a single, secure smartcard called Fuze.

Fuze is easy to use and syncs with your phone

Fuze can store the information of up to 30 cards, and although it may sound scary to put all your eggs in one basket, the Fuze has some reassuring security features. Firstly, its remote wipe technology allows users to instantly clear their data online if they lose their card. Secondly, users can track the location of their card if it has been left behind or nabbed. And thirdly, the app lets you manage your finances without having to log onto several different online banking systems; just tap a button to switch out the payment method and you’re all set to swipe your savings away.

Fuze can save up to 30 cards at a time

Last May, BrilliantTS launched the concept on fundraising platform Indiegogo and raised over US$50,000 (full funding) in just two hours. At the moment, the Fuze is under production, and the perfected prototype will soon be transformed into a mass-produced product; with the first batch already in the works.

Recharging Fuze is simple thanks to the e-charger

If you’re keen on cleaning out your wallet, the Fuze is set to retail at US$160-$210, depending on the version, with pre-orders starting at US$79. The water-resistant, 0.03-inch device uses Bluetooth and NFC technology and comes with a user manual, charging cable, e-charging dock and card e-reader. Happy shopping!