5 brilliant innovations that prove the future is already here

We live in such a fast-paced society and our lives are going on so quickly that there is just not enough time to waste. We want everything to be done quickly, and convenience and versatility are two other things we appreciate the most these days. So, below are five genius creations that make life much easier. These are such brilliant innovations that it definitely feels as though we are living in the future.

Versatile Lipstick Maker

brilliant innovations

Gaining so much appreciation and even an award for its infinite possible lip colours is this innovative lipstick kit by GoPlay cosmetics. The kit, which is no less than a fan favourite now, has been sold out so quickly that people have to pre-order if they have to get their hands on the Lipskit.

You can either choose the warm or the cool base colours depending on your skin’s undertone.

It is straightforward to use as the equipment comes with a colour-mixing chart, liquid lipstick bullets, reusable jars, and more products that let you create as many lip colours of any texture of your choice. Want something more shimmery? Just add a few drops of the moisture drops that are part of the kit.

The only drawback that users have found with the product is that it can get a bit messy when mixing the colours. Other than that, it is supposedly great with the cosmetic product boasting qualities such as waterproof, long-lasting, paraben free, and many more.

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Nail-painting Robot

brilliant innovations

There was a time when we imagined the different things a robot would do, and if applying nail polish was on your list, then your imaginations have come true. This robot by Clockwork paints your nails for you.

You just need to place each of your fingers on the allocated spot and the Clockwork MiNiCURE will use its well-calculated algorithm to calculate your nail shape accurately and paint them perfectly. It is recommended that your nails do not have any nail polish to expect the best results.

Best of all, the whole process only takes about 10 minutes so it is perfect for people who want something done fast. However, the robot is only programmed to apply nail colour, and nothing more than that so if you are expecting a full-on manicure, you may want to book an appointment with a manicurist.

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Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner 

brilliant innovations

Though the name suggests that this tech creation only cleans jewellery, it can actually be used for multiple purposes like cleaning your eyeglasses, keys, dentures, makeup brush or anything that comes to your mind, as long as it fits in the machine.

Shaped like a mini bathtub, all you need to do is place the product you want to be cleaned inside the water-filled tub, and turn on the machine. The equipment will use its ultrasonic technology to do the spot-on cleaning in just three minutes.

For better results, it is suggested that you add a few drops of liquid soap along with the water.

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Portable Printer 

brilliant innovations

There are a number of portable printers in the market today, and it is certainly one of the much-needed brilliant innovations for people. When you want to take a quick print of some office documents or class projects, the portable printer allows you to print the files no matter where you are.

Given its size, it can be easily carried on the go, and you can print documents that are saved on any device: phones, tabs, laptops, and more. You can either connect the printer using Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Some renditions of portable printers even come with the ability to print pages of different sizes. For instance, one model from HPRT allows you to print on A4, A5 and label-sized papers.

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Temperature Control Mug

brilliant innovations

Another gadget that makes life comfortable for everyone is the self-heating mugs by Ember. They are particularly loved by travellers as the gadget makes it easy for you to carry your drinks while maintaining their warmth. So, if you want your drink to be warm until its last sip then this product is perfect for you.

Ember has received so many positive reviews as it is the very first temperature-control mug that allows you to adjust the temperature as you wish. Simply download the Ember app on your phone and connect your cup to the app, and use it to change how warm you want your drink to be. If you usually prefer your morning coffee to be at certain warmth, then you can save that to the app.

These temperature-control mugs can keep the beverages heated for about two hours, and if you want to extend it, you can always place the mug on the charging coaster that comes with the cups.

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