Watch out for Breitling’s recently launched Colt Skyracer

Breitling Colt Skyracer

Watchmaker Breitling is soaring to new heights with the recent launch of its Colt Skyracer, a mix of business and style rolled into one.

Not only does the name Colt Skyracer sound dynamic and punchy, but it also looks good. The Swiss watchmaker hasn’t cut any corners in their effort to create an affordable watch that offers so much and comes in a slick black colour.

Named after Breitling’s aerobatic racing plane, the Colt Skyracer has a thermocompensated calibre 74 SuperQuartz movement, a battery that lasts eight years and a dial that screams simplicity and prestige.

In addition to this, it is also water-resistant up to 100 metres and boasts an AR-coated domed sapphire crystal over the dial.

To ensure the watch stands the test of time, it is made of Breitlight, a futuristic material that is over three times lighter than titanium and an incredible six times lighter than steel. It is also extremely resistant to scratches, traction and corrosion.

With 24-hour military time, a volcano black dial and a strap you can use as a ruler, aviation and military enthusiasts will fall in love with this watch’s bad boy look and stylish colour scheme.

Also, only costing $2,000 (HK$15,521), this watch is not on the expensive end of the spectrum, which is fairly rare for new releases from high-end watchmakers with as much grace and prominence as Breitling.