Blow up, Glow up: Your ultimate hair treatment guide to a frizz-free life

Frizzy, coily, and just down right dry – there’s nothing like a bad hair-do to set your day off on the wrong note. But whether you’re short on time or unbothered to spend an hour to style a perfectly blown out head of hair, we’ve got the low down on the best glow up that will have your morning routine straightened out. 

You’ve heard about Brazilian blowout, keratin treatment and Japanese straightening, but do you know the difference? Here’s your guide to knowing which hair straightening treatment to go for that will tame your precious tresses.  

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What to know:
Beauty comes with a price. In this case, any effective hair straightening or smoothening treatment unavoidably involves chemicals to alter the hair’s natural state. Especially with frizzy and wavy locks,the curlier the hair the more time it takes and the stronger the product is used. 

But, no hair is made equal, so always look to an experienced professional to do these treatments because the wrong type or amount of formula applied can results in extremely dry, severely damaged, or even the loss of hair.

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Japanese straightening
First on the market, and thee most commonly used permanent straightening method, Japanese straightening is the longest  lasting solution to transform the curliest hairs into pin-straight tresses, albeit the most time consuming and damaging. This method uses chemical relaxers to break apart the natural bonds of hair cuticles and rebonds them to change its structure by sealing in the treatment by use of thermal reconditioning — you might have seen those rotating heaters that hover above head — before being thinly sectioned and flat ironed part by part. 

Although the entire process can take up to 6 hours to complete, it does transform curly, frizzy and coily locks to pin-straight tresses and lives up to its promise of a much longer-lasting effect. And unlike Keratin and Brazilian Blowout, Japanese straightened hair does not return to its original form unless it is grown out. 

Who is it for: A solution for those who are too busy to manage frizzy or curly hair on a day-to-day basis and prefer a permanently straight finish everyday. 

How long does it last: 6-12 months

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Keratin Complex
Keratin treatments, also known as protein treatments and sometimes referred to as Brazillian Blowout, are all the rave. Praised for its customisable and natural- and healthy-looking finish, the treatment uses a keratin solution that reinforces the hair’s natural proteins and adds a protective layer that smoothness the cuticles that causes frizzy strands to stand out — instead of breaking apart its natural bond to restructure them. 

The solution is applied onto the shaft of the hair and is left to sit between 30 minutes to 1 hour, then, rinsed, blow dried and straightened with a flat iron to seal in the amino-based treatment, before going through another round of wash, condition and blow dry. The result offers an effortlessly glossier and healthier look that can be air dried and easier to style than  Japanese straightening. 

Who is it for: Anyone who struggles with frizz and coiling hair, especially in humid weather; or anyone who wants to keep their naturally curly, wavy or texture but prefers a more manageable head of hair. 

How long does it last: 3 – 5 months

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Brazilian Blowout
Contrary to popular belief, keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts are not too different from each other — in fact, the only difference between the two is that keratin treatment is an umbrella term for semi-permanent chemical hair relaxing treatments, while Brazilian blowout is a brand in itself and is formulated with a milder level of relaxants that provide a straight finish, while still leaving the hair with a voluminous body. 

The two treatments also differ in the aftercare process. While it is advised not to wash hair treated with keratin formula for the first 72 hours, Brazilian Blowouts can be washed the following day, air-dried and styled more flexibly.

Who is it for: Anyone who prefers a silky smooth and voluminous body of hair that takes little day-to-day effort to style. 

How long does it last: 3 months


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Hot oil treatment
For a natural, non-chemical treatment, hot oil treatments offers your precious locks a chemical-free and plant-based treatment to help repair, nourish and strengthen your hair by sealing the hair’s cuticles with nutrients that are absorbed through the scalp —  protecting the hair and promoting healthier, smoother and faster hair growth while preventing dryness and dandruff. 

The warmth from the oil helps lift the hair cuticles to allow moisture to enter while also sealing it in. However it does require regular and consistent weekly treatments for visible results, but only provides a temporary fix.