Celebrate Father’s day with Bowmore’s timeless flavours

Create an everlasting memory for dear dad this father’s day with an imbibe that expresses your love and appreciation.

Islay’s pioneering distillery, and the oldest licensed distillery on the land, Bowmore, masters the Art of Time by crafting masterful single malts. Swirling in rich layers of smokiness, fruitiness and notes of sea salt, the renowned Scottish distillery continues to stir delight in whisky lovers with its distinct and timeless house style.


This comes as no surprise given that celebrated whisky distillery is one of the oldest whisky brands in the world. It continues its tradition of hand-selecting casks — individually nosing each one before filling with new make, and hand-turning barley in its proprietary malt barns. It’s little wonder then that its creations are billed as masterpieces sculpted by time — its rich single malts paying tribute to its 240 year-heritage and craftsmanship. 

This makes the perfect gift and heartfelt gesture to the leading man in your life by raising a glass to the father of the year. Cheers to dad!

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Exclusive, alluring and aromatic, Bowmore is perfect for the whisky-loving dad

It’s no secret that Scotland boasts more than its fair share of world-class whisky distilleries. In fact, this relatively small region boasts some 120 active producers across five distinct districts. Among them, the picturesque isle of Islay – just 25 miles long – remains one of the most best-loved for the smoky, peaty flavours its whiskies produce. 

Bowmore Father's Day

This is the home of Bowmore, the world-renowned distillery that opened its doors in 1779 and stands as the world’s oldest Scotch whisky maturation warehouse. Over its nearly 240-year history, Bowmore has built an unassailable reputation for creating drinks that perfectly balance Islay’s iconic smoky-peatiness with notes of exotic fruit. 

Bowmore Father's Day 2

These unique palate-pleasing flavours are the culmination of a recipe that includes just three ingredients: barley grown and malted on Islay itself, painstakingly cultivated yeast and water taken right from the nearby, pristine River Laggan. All are lovingly fermented in the finest oak casks under the careful eye of Bowmore’s master distillers. 

Bowmore Father's Day 3

So, when drinking a Bowmore single malt, what you get isn’t just a perfectly-crafted tipple – it’s an embodiment of the love, skill and knowledge of the distiller’s experts; it’s experiencing the rich history and culture of Islay; it’s the pride of knowing you’re drinking some of the best that Scotland has to offer. And that is exactly why Bowmore Scotch whiskies make the perfect gift for whisky-loving dads this Father’s Day. 

Bowmore Father's Day 4

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