Exclusive home spirits collection Stanze sets the scene for every room

Much like what music is to a beautiful scene, the right scent, too, keys into a perfectly orchestrated abode; encapsulating the home with a sensorial allure that lets its dwellers synchronise with the ambience of each room.

Stanza, a double entendre for rooms in Italian, while also a word that represents a verse of a poem, set to a rhythmic pattern of music, also embodies the harmonious olfactory experience for the home in a collection of home fragrances, Stanze.


Exclusively available at niche artisan perfume boutique Scented Niche — one of only 10 boutiques worldwide that carry the limitedly produced fragrance — the collection offers an exclusive home spirits collection that deliver a seamless flow of harmony and
concentration in whatever task you are immersed in.


The collection is availble in three scents:
Stanza OM – when it is time to meditate, to pray, to make yoga and to contemplate.
Watching the sky or the flames in the fireplace. Deep energy and rebuilding of strength.
Spices and woods to fill your senses.

Stanza ORO – when it is time to work, to think or to be creative. The choice when you
want to be focused, to inspire or be inspired. Nutritious and full of Saffron.

Stanza GIOCHI – when it is time to play, to relax, to read, to draw or enjoy a movie.
Alone or in the company of loved ones be that humans or animals.
Free and full of light with lots of flowers and colour.


Flacons made by Italian glass manufacturer, Luigi Bormioli.
Comes with 7 Italian made beech wood sticks.

Concentration: 12%
Volume: 700ml


For more information, please visit www.scentedniche.com