Back-to-Work Wares: Must-have gadgets for the city’s on-the-go urbanites

With social distancing regulations relaxing once more, city dwellers can once again venture forth from the confines of their abodes, ready to tackle the world with a renewed zeal. Seeking to help kick start your productivity, the innovative must-have gadgets below will ensure you greet the wider world with your best face forward…

gafencu Back to work Must-have gadgets to have on-the-go emebr travel mug 2

A smart thermal mug
Starting your morning on the right foot can get you ahead in the day and there’s no better way to do so than a hot cuppa to get you up and running. The Ember Travel MugĀ² not only sets your drink to an exact temperature, but it also keeps it at a consistent temperature for up to three hours, saving time spent downing your fresh brew as you’re rushing out of the house. It can also be connected to your phone to customise preset settings for your favourite drinks, and send notifications when the desired temperature is reached.
Price: $


gafencu bose muse 2 Back to work Must-have gadgets to have on-the-go


A stylish set pair of headphone sunglasses
Eschewing the bulkiness of typical headphones, moving with your music even when on the go has become even more stylish courtesy of audio giant Bose’s Bose Trames Tenor. Don’t be fooled by this stylish pair of shades as it subtly hides audio ports on the outside and underside of the temple of the sunnies and delivers wafer-thin acoustics via its intelligent Bose Open Ear Audio technology. An intelligent two-in-one design, this is one gadget that’s truly a stylish amalgam of sound and vision. 
Price: $2,099

gafencu Back to work Must-have gadgets to have on-the-go phonesoap

A portable phone sanitising charger
Did you know that your phone is dirtier than a toilet seat? Fear not, though, because Utah-based company PhoneSoap has come up with an innovative portable phone sanitising charger to help fix this unwanted problem. When the average wet wipe and alcohol spray just doesn’t cut it, this innovative case provides an alternative, incorporating a UV-C light that is clinically proven to kill up to 99.99 percent of all unwelcomed bacteria in less than five minutes. It’s also apparently twice as effective (and works twice as quickly) than any similar products currently on the market. What’s more, the sanitising unit also doubles as a convenient compact charger.

Price: $950

Back to work Must-have gadgets to have on-the-go gafencu meditation headband

A mind-relaxing headband
Clearing your mind may be the last thing on your priority list when you’re facing a full schedule, but several scientific studies have shown that taking a twenty-minute break between tasks boosts productivity throughout the day and refreshes the system and refuels the mind’s creative juice. This makes the Muse 2 Meditation headband by Toronto-based company InteraXon appealing for professionals who could benefit from a much-needed recess from mentally-demanding tasks. The device, fit with multi-sensors around the band, uses neurofeedback features and artificial intelligence to guide users through relaxation techniques and stress-relieving soundscapes. The smart accessory also allows users to track their mindfulness progress through real-time displays of brain activity and feedback reports via cellphone. 
Price: $1,939