Nature’s Music: Bose’s new Smart Soundbar 900

Close your eyes and imagine: the rustling of tall grass in the wind while birds chirp their melodic sing-songs in the background; whispers in the crowd or the dramatic low-tones of the bass in a musical concert. Sound is nature’s way of speaking to us.

Bringing to you a stylish at-home audio system that sits discretely underneath any 49″ and wider smart TV, the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 offers a cinematique experience that goes well beyond your usual Netflix and chill. Whether you’re watching the latest binge worthy TV show or relaxing to your favourite musical playlist, renowned audio expert Bose offers a state-of-the-art smart audio device for the home.

Nature's Music Bose's new Smart Soundbar 900 SmartBose_gafencu (1)

Presented in a minimalist yet sleek white / black aesthetic, the details that go into its design is as beautiful as its engineering feat. Measuring at a lean 104.5cm x 5.81cm x 10.7cm, tempered impact-resistant is laid atop the device; its body is beautifully wrapped around with a metallic grille which pumps out an immersive soundscape.

Nature's Music Bose's new Smart Soundbar 900 SmartBose_gafencu 600x337

Although slim in structure, this smart Soundbar performs with the utmost immersive sound quality thanks to its intelligently engineered sound system. Supporting Dolby Atmos content as well as boasting the brand’s exclusive TrueSpace — the company’s proprietary audio processing technology. The device analyses non-Atmos content (such as stereo or 5.1) and up-mixes the sound quality to create a more dynamic and true-to-life soundscape in the comfort of your own home. 

The soundbar transports your perception of space by isolating each instrument, dialogue and special effects, producing multiple layers of crispy clear details through its multi-directional drivers, delivering ultra realistic details and an unparalleled sound quality.

Nature's Music Bose's new Smart Soundbar 900 SmartBose_gafencu (3)

Its wireless connectivity allows users to connect to their device via Bluetooth, WiFi, and Apple AirPlay 2. What’s more, its Bose Music app ADAPTiQ audio calibration system synchronises any Bose smart-home headphones and speakers via SimpleSync for a truly harmonious at-home listening experience.

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