Talking shop with CEO Roberto Gavazzi at the new Boffi | De Padova showroom

Italian luxury furniture makers Boffi and De Padova have long been past-masters of creating fittings that transform a residence into a truly special home. The latest chapter of its storied 80-year legacy has been the opening of an all-new showroom at Causeway Bay’s Lee Garden Three.

Boffi De Padova CEO Roberto Gavazzi
Boffi and De Padova CEO Roberto Gavazzi

To celebrate the special occasion, we spoke to Roberto Gavazzi, CEO of Boffi and De Padova, about this exciting new space, what has kept the company running successfully for more than eight decades and what makes them stand out.

Boffi De Padova 2

What sets Boffi and De Padova apart from its competitors?
The difference between us and the other players in the market is that we are working on creating a group with an entrepreneurial point of view. Boffi has always been a company that is strong in the production of modular furnishing systems, while De Padova has creates loose furniture such as sofas, tables and chairs. Therefore, bringing the two brands together allows us to be a one-stop solution for all interior decor needs.

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Can you tell us a bit more about what the customers want and how it has changed?
The higher you go in the market, the more discerning customers become. They want tailored solutions. That is why we have also created a custom made division called the Boffi Code where we design special objects that are exclusively for one customer. You need to be upscale on the quality too. The products have to be resistant to time because these products are expensive and they need to be in the homes for a long time. They need to be timeless, to go beyond short-termed fashion trends, which is something we pay particular attention to.

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You are here to avail this new store. Can you tell us more about this space?
While we’ve always had a presence in Hong Kong, this new showroom is something I’m particularly proud of. Being located on the third floor, it’s something customers have to come and find. In the process, it transforms from being just a shop into a space where you can feel the emotion of decoration. With this new showroom, we’ve mimicked the sensation of being in a real home, with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, a terrace… It allows our customers to truly experience how our furniture feels in a residential context.

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How important is the Hong Kong market to Boffi and De Padova?
Hong Kong has always been an interesting city for us. We have been here for more than 20 years. In fact, it was the first location that we expanded to in Asia. We have always been happy with this market  because the international taste of consumers here is very much developed in terms of culture. It is in line with our products. It sets a benchmark for us, a standard that pushes us to do better to ensure we remain successful in appealing to discerning homeowners.

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