Soap Town: Five luxury body soaps that are totally worth the splurge

Millennials are blamed for a number of things and the diminishing sales of body soaps is one of them. Indeed, according to US-based consumer research company Mintel, consumers who still buy body soaps apparently have one thing in common: they are all over 60!

luxury bath soaps

Little wonder then, that such big-name brands as Hermès and Chanel are trying to woo millennials with a range of super-premium, luxury body soaps that are far from the run-of-the-mill bars that you can find in any departmental store. Exclusive, expensive and environmentally-friendly, these New Age body soaps are nothing less than luxury in a wrapper.

Let’s check out our top five luxury body soaps that have most caught out fancy.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap

Formulated with a vegetable base and enriched with nourishing shea butter – the self-same product that has been used for centuries by women in Sub-Saharan Africa to protect their skins – the soap is bestowed with astonishing hydrating powers that can last for up to 24 hours. 

luxury body soaps

Aveda Rosemary Mint Bath Bar

A moisturising bath bar with rosemary and peppermint leaf powders, it gently exfoliates the skin while causing a slightly tingly sensation, thanks to the minty formula. The organic rosemary, meanwhile, adds an invigorating aroma of floral goodness.

Chanel Coco Bath Soap

A brand known for its luxury lifestyle offerings, it’s no wonder that Chanel’s Coco body soap is bestowed with the same posh feeling. While buyers admit it’s a splurge, they can’t help but be drawn to it, thanks to its decadent scent and soothing texture. Added bonus? It’s so gentle that it works wonders on sensitive skin as well.

Caswell-Massey Goat’s Milk & Honey Soap

There’s a reason why goat’s milk soaps are considered the best body soaps for all types of skin. Not only is its lactic acid component soothing on dry skin, it also equally effective on normal skin. However, the best part is that goat milk can easily penetrate the surface layer of the skin and quickly provide our epidermal tissues with the nourishment they need.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Treatment Bar

What sets apart this body soap from others is its hero ingredient, the 100% pure Umbrian clay, which Fresh’s proprietary ingredient found solely in the Italian town of Nocera Umbra. Its high mineral content is said to neutralise the skin’s acidity, extract toxins and purify the complexion.

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay