The Latest sports technologies that boost athletic performance

Professional athletes and fitness fanatics always strive to outperform their last best record. So, it’s not surprising for the fitness world to continue bringing forth gadgets, engineered to produce peak performance. The latest sports gadgets facilitate traditional sports training and continuing advance into the modern world of smart technology. New technologies equip athletes with devices that help boost their performance and put them in better control of the situation.

Here are the latest sports gadgets that will assist athletes and sports enthusiasts:

Latest sports technologies that boost athletic performance gafencu magazine gadgets Polar vantage V titan
Polar Vantage V Titan HK$4,580 Up

High-performance multi-feature sports watches

Smartwatches are best to start a discussion on sports gadgets. They are the most common accessory to every sports enthusiast. Aside from time, smartwatches track different types of data and metrics that help athletes analyze their progress.

How it works: Similar to fitness trackers, they are designed to track progress, calorie burns, heart rate, and GPS locations when connected to smartphones. But with more improvements in technology, these high-tech timepieces have been upgraded to enable more features for extreme sports, such as deep water diving.  

Benefits: Information is key to improvements. Knowing your weaknesses, strengths, and progress go a very long way in helping an athlete attain his goals. With easy connectivity via smartphones and Apps, users can gather significant data helpful in tracking progress, including weaknesses.

Latest sports technologies that boost athletic performance gafencu magazine gadgets Polar vantage V titan Garmin TacX cycle
Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer HK$24,801

Smart trainers

From mirrors that double as a functional interactive digital gym to stationery cycles that mimic the high-speed inertia of a professional road bike or even smart technology kettlebells that adjusts its weight magnetically, smart trainers aim to help athletes resolve the shortcomings of traditional training and urban lifestyles, such as road traffic for cyclists and gym closures for weight trainers.  

How it works: Smart technology, often available in digital devices, provide traditional training, including the neuromuscular type that mimics real weights and realistic road bike inertia and offers the conveniences that urban life demands, like customized programs, Bluetooth, and mobile phone connectivity.

Benefits: Smart trainers enable serious athletes and casual sports enthusiasts to overcome urban life obstacles in busy cities by making workouts personalized and convenient to users with the myriad of digital features and connectivity that don’t fall short from traditional training.

Latest sports technologies that boost athletic performance gafencu magazine gadgets FORM smart swim goggle
FORM Smart Swim Goggles HK$1,542

Fitness trackers

Apart from waterproof smartwatches and heart rate monitors, other sport-specific fitness trackers such as the FORM Smart Swim Goggles, Nike Air Vapor Max Shoes, and the Tangram Smartrope LED showcase technology with the most functional features that every serious athlete needs in training for better performance. 

How it works: When connected to the app, users track anything from calories burned to distance traveled. Sensors are embedded into the devices to collect data on how much distance was covered and how much calories were burned. 

Benefits: Convenient as wearable fitness trackers that enable athletes to easily and accurately collect data of their training and progress without carrying any bulky accessories with them.

Latest sports technologies that boost athletic performance gafencu magazine gadgets Polar vantage V titan Hyperice Vyper 2.0
Hyperice Vyper 2.0 HK$1,542

Muscle recovery accessories

Muscle recovery is probably the most underestimated contribution of high-tech gadgets to physical performance for those unfamiliar with competitive sports training. Proper recovery is essential to any fitness program and is detrimental to fall short in this part of the workout.

How it works: Modern technology has taken traditional forms of muscle recovery and incorporated it into smart devices like the Hyperice Vyper Foam Roller and Powedot 2.0 Uno which allows athletes to save time and recover at home. These devices were engineered to deliver powerful vibrations to target sore muscles and promote blood circulation 

Benefits: Athletes can save time going for sports massages and recover muscle fatigue faster at home with devices that are twice more effective than regular methods, giving them the opportunity to perform at their peak in their next workout. They also relieve soreness and promote blood circulation after workouts.

Latest sports technologies that boost athletic performance gafencu magazine gadgets Polar vantage V titan Skulpt Scanner
Skupt Scanner HK$767 Up


Body Scanner

It’s now a well-known fact in the health and fitness world that the number on the scale doesn’t mean much unless the number tells how much fat, water, muscle, and bone the body is made up of.

How it works: Gadgets like the Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale and Skulpt Scanner offer athletes accessible tools to scan their bodies and analyze their body composition. When touched with the skin, these scanners use weak current but high- frequency electrical impulses that travel through the muscle fibers, measuring the level of resistance against the body’s muscle tissue and determining the body’s composition. 

Benefits: Not limited to just athletes, this tool benefits to anyone who wants to lose fat or gain some muscle mass as it gives users a better understanding of their body and highlights the areas that need improvements.

Latest sports technologies that boost athletic performance gafencu magazine gadgets Airofit breathing trainer bluetooth mouthpiece
Airofit Breathing Trainer HK$2,317

Breathing Trainer

Another noteworthy device that can be used for various types of sports training is the Airofit Breathing Trainer Bluetooth mouthpiece.  Active sports can cause the body to tire, especially in competitive sports. A fatigued body affects breathing which can be detrimental to performance.

How it works: When breathing becomes difficult, the muscles get less oxygen, ultimately affecting performance. The device improves users’ breathing techniques and increases lung capacity during training with programs that let you adjust the airflow duration, intensity, and resistance level via pressure sensors to suit every user.

Benefits: This device trains breathing techniques to strengthen the respiratory muscles to get stronger, faster, and more efficient, allowing for better performance.


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