Swanky new BMW Luxury Class Showroom unveiled in the heart of Wanchai

Legendary German automotive company BMW is no stranger to luxury. Indeed, its cutting-edge cars have long epitomised the perfect amalgam of sophisticated elegance and powerful performance. Now, following the successful launch of The X7 and The 8 Coupe over the summer, the maverick motoring marque looks set to further thrill car enthusiasts with the unveiling of its all-new BMW Luxury Class Showroom.

BMW Luxury Class Showroom 1

Located on Gloucester Road, the newly-updated state-of-the-art store is an homage to fine living and fast cars, dedicated to providing its discerning customers with a contemporary lifestyle retail experience. In layman’s terms, this means the days of putting the spotlight solely on cars is clearly long gone, with the new BMW showroom striving to offer emphasise a sensorially-sumptuous, high-tech experience with the customer as its key focal point.

BMW Luxury Class Showroom 2

This sees the store fitted with cutting-edge Bower and Wilkins audio systems – which also provide the Bower Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System that is an optional upgrade for BMW’s flagship models – a specially-formulated signature aroma, delicious food and beverage options, and a Lounge replete with a dedicated concierge service who can walk potential buyers through the wide array of luxury models and an even more extensive list of personalisation options.

BMW Luxury Class Showroom 3

It’s clear that the new BMW Luxury Class Showroom has completely reinvented itself with an eye on #TheRiseofNewLuxury, and it’s a warmly welcoming transformation that will surely enchant any lucky visitor who enters the store.

BMW Luxury Class Showroom 4

Visit the BMW Luxury Class Showroom today to see BMW’s current array of Luxury Class models, including The 7, The 8 Convertible, The 8 Coupe, The X7 and the futuristic i8 first-hand. For more information, visit this website