NARS Cosmetics That Bring Out Your Inner Beauty

A woman’s eyes are the windows to her inner beauty and her smile, the reflection of her love.  NARS, the French cosmetics and skincare company, insists that beauty is in your character and what’s real. With NARS’ soft and buildable Climax mascara and Deep Throat blush, you’ll bring out your natural look… and desires, captivating him (or her) with alluring eyes and a natural flush. 

Nars Climax Mascara soft buildable gentle intense

Featherweight but not short of volume, NARS Climax mascara will keep you stroking for more. The Climax mascara packs a flexible formula that will build on volume and intensity. Dipped in black pigment is a ribbed bristle wand that is gentle to the touch. Build up the intensity with its clump- and smudge-resistant Lash Moisture Complex formula that will keep you stroking back and forth for more volume and a prolonged lift. 

Nars Deep Throat Blush soft micronized powder buildable gentle sheer

There’s no need to shy away with NARS Deep Throat Blush. Instantly liven your complexion with the Deep Throat blush’s micronised powder that flatters any skin type with a natural and healthy look. Its range of iconic shades pigmented with subtle pink lets you wear light but glow with an ultra-sheer look that highlights your complexion. Its superfine powder blends with minimal effort, allowing you to play with soft, buildable shades.

Nars Deep Throat Blush soft micronized powder buildable gentle sheer pink