Top at-home speakers for an elevated cinematic experience

As the pandemic forces us to spend more time indoors, there is a huge interest in elevating the sound system at home. Choosing the best audio set-up can be tricky — whether you’re creating an at-home theater system of your dreams or simply upgrading the built-in smart speakers, we’ve got options and easy on the wallet too. Scroll on… 

Best All-Around Smart Speakers

Top at-home speakers for an elevated cinematic experience gafencu bang & Olufsen beoplay A9 4th gen
(Photo: Bang & Olufsen)

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 4th Gen 

First on the list is Danish audio luxury brand Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay A9 4th Generation. Adding to its predecessors’ existing features, such as a full-range of connectivity, multi-room synchronization and a seven-driver-strong build with a high-performance engine, the 4th Gen Beoplay wireless home speaker comes with active room compensation technology that adapts to the ambiance of the room. It balances bass, treble and mid-range outputs outstandingly with no distortion. But even more striking here is its stunning Scandinavian design that highlights a minimalist aesthetic and its elegant solid wood legs.

Price: HK$25,800
Pro: Clean and loud audio; elegant design
Cons: B&O setup app could use improvement
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Best for Home Cinema

Top at-home speakers for an elevated cinematic experience gafencu bose smart soundbar 900
(Photo: Bose)

Bose Smart Soundbar 900 

Presented in sleek 104.5cm x 5.81cm x 10.7cm, the Smart Soundbar 900 by American audio tech company Bose, although slim in structure, does not skimp on quality. Subtly mount it underneath your flat screen or upon a shelf  — no matter its position, the intelligently engineered sound system creates an immersive soundscape making you feel like the action is happening right in your own living room. Bringing details to life, the smart soundbar highlights the brand’s exclusive TrueSpace audio processing technology that analyses non-Atmos content (such as stereo or 5.1) and up-mixes the sound quality to create a more dynamic and multi-layered cinematic atmosphere. And for a truly immersive audio experience at home, the device synchronises any Bose smart-home headphones and smart speakers via SimpleSync.

Price: HK$10,000
Pro: Impressive clarity and details; supports Dolby Atmos; slim and subtly fits on the shelf or underneath the TV
Cons: It’s only flaw is that it is slightly larger than its previous 500 model
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Best for 360-degree Audio

Top at-home speakers for an elevated cinematic experience gafencu pantheon I
(Photo: Panteone I)

Pantheone I

At first glance, one might think that the Pantheone I is an sculptural piece set to elevate the aesthetic of the home, and perhaps that is exactly what the Australian design firm had aimed for in creating this high-performance audio accessory. Fusing form and functionality while powered by state-of-the-art technology that boasts impressively loud output and deep base without fall short on audio quality. Sound and modern art come together in its smooth and robustly curvaceous structure and impressive engineering that allows its hidden hardware to produce exceptional 360-degree soundstage. Good enough to fill a large room.

Price: HK$22,206
Pro: It has an impressive volume and sound quality for its size and structure; doubles as a sculptural piece for the home. 
Cons: It is heavy (25kg) and design may blend easily in every home. 
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Best for Streaming

Top at-home speakers for an elevated cinematic experience gafencu bowers wilkins formation wedge
(Photo: Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge)

Bowers Wilkins Formation Wedge 

British manufacturer Bowers Wilkins delivers room-filling audio systems. If you think the Formation Wedge looks good, just wait until you read what it has under its hood. Strategically placed and angled for optimum sound quality, its drivers (two 2.5 cm aluminum dome tweeters, a 9 cm woofer underneath, and a 15 cm subwoofer) provide outstanding sound clarity without any interference among the drivers, despite its relatively small stature — providing excellent high-resolution audio quality. In place of physical controls, the Wedge features illuminating touch-sensitive controls for volume and play/pause modes. 

Price: HK$8,999
Pro: Supports integral stream services; stylish design and excellent sound quality
Cons: No remote control;  dedicate app and streaming services are 
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Best for Power

Top at-home speakers for an elevated cinematic experience gafencu Devialet Phantom I 103 db
(Photo: Devialet Phantom I 103 dB)

Devialet Phantom I 103 dB

There’s nothing like moving to your favourite track, and with French audio expert Devialet’s Phantom, you can rest assured that audio quality on this device will not fall short. Boasting an immense output from it powered by high-fidelity and ultra-dense sound in a compact design. It is digitally powered, analog-grade audio technology pumps out ultra-deep bass, thanks to its HBI® Heart Bass Implosion, and produces stunning clarity — capturing every detail and bringing the concert to your home. Moreover, it arrives in a gorgeous glass fibre polycarbonate casing that presents a modernist style fit for any stylish home. 

Price: HK$12,990
Pro: Powerful and outstanding bass and clarity even at high volume; captures the slightest details that lower-end speakers cannot
Cons: Not the most subtle external design for minimalist homes
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Bose’s robust speakers for all the summer adventures

 If music is food for love, then quality speakers are the key to play on… Shakespeare couldn’t have been more right– music is the easiest way to transport yourself but in 2021 just music won’t cut it. You need ultimate sound quality to take the experience to the next level.

Internationally renowned audio technology giant, Bose has launched a slew of ultimate, slick sound systems which are perfect to fill your summer gatherings, pool-side jaunts or BBQ parties with seamless, pristine sound. The price is a real steal too, go ahead, pick one up and have your friends guessing where you got your sound system installed from…

 bose tv speakers soundlink revolve portable speaker for summer gafencu - 1

For a day out in the sun:

Sharing a space with friends means an experience together – especially if that means creating memorable moments in the great outdoors – none sets the vibe better than the SoundLink Revolve+ II. It’s water and shock-resistant portable speaker that offers a truly immersive 360° listening experience for the whole party.

Clearly designed with on-the-go listeners in mind, its flexible fabric handle was deliberately created to make the tote-friendly gadget easy to hold and comfortable to carry. The device also boasts a water-resistant design – move your music anywhere – in the shower or by the pool or even a boat. Further adding to its defences are shock-absorbent bumpers to take on any inevitable bump or fall.

bose tv speakers soundlink revolve portable speaker for summer gafencu - 3

But don’t let this petite miniature amplifier fool you, pint-size as it may be, it is billed as the brand’s best-performing portable Bluetooth speaker. Boasting a powerful hardware that allows for truly immersive listening experience of up to 17 hours with all-around deep bass thanks to its full-range transducer and 360° omni-directional acoustic deflector — providing crispy clear details in every direction.

Featured in two shades: Triple Black and Luxe Silver, it flaunts an elegant outlook with a finely detailed front grille.

Promotion Price: HK$2,299

bose tv speakers soundlink revolve portable speaker for summer gafencu

For the perfect companion indoors:

Rainy day in or choosing to cosy up on your couch – take your Netflix streaming sessions to the next level by losing yourself in a cinematic soundscape that transforms your living room.

Bose has pulled out all the stops with its sleek and slender Bose TV Speakers, featuring two full-range drivers — angled for wide spatial acoustics, and a centre tweeter that isolates verbal dialogues. The outcome of its engineering design is a sound system that delivers a rich and balanced home theatre experience.

bose tv speakers soundlink revolve portable speaker for summer gafencu - 4

Measuring at only 5cm, the simple and modest-looking sound bar does not fall short on performance thanks to its two optional audio modes: Bass and Dialogue. With a simple press of a button, Bass mode enables an even deeper bass level while Dialogue mode analyses the programmes you watch to adjust its configurations and provide clearer verbal dialogues for a cleaner and life-like listening experience.

bose tv speakers soundlink revolve portable speaker for summer gafencu - 5

The device is easy to install and small enough to subtly blend into the home, whether under the television or on a wall shelf. It also comes with a dedicated remote to effortlessly toggle between modes, adjust volumes and wirelessly pair with any smart device via Bluetooth —seamlessly switching from your smart TV to a musical playlist or podcast of choice. Perfect for any home!

Promotion Price: HK$1,899


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